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August 03, 2006



i was there too, where abouts were you sitting?


loge box 119. first base side, second row from the aisle.

David Welch


Tears came to my eyes as I read this post and realized that, possibly, you had actually BEEN PRESENT AT FENWAY for your first walk-off win, fantastic SP performance, anything but another ho-hum win or loss. You have at least once previously started out a blog entry leaving the reader on the edge of his seat wondering if you had been at the game, only to dash my hopes. Beth, a very heartfelt congratulations from your constituency in Maine. Keep up the good work!


here, loge box 139, third base side, about 6 rows up from where the beams are that block your view if you sit in the infield grandstand.


You know - I am completely jealous. How do you people get tickets? Do you do it RIGHT when they go on sale? I guess I have to live in Boston a little longer than a year to really get the system down.

I have been to 2 games this season:

* The may 12th Texas game that got rained out in the 6th. Miserable.

* One in June that was amazing - thru my company I somehow managed to sit in a luxury box for a Yankees game. We lost, but it was awesome anyway.



it is every bit as difficult for me / us as it is for you, and every bit as reliant on luck and happenstance. i did not purchase one ticket through the red sox box office this season. every game i've gone to has been because a friend or family member had an extra. this one was no exception. my dad is particularly good and well-connected with getting tickets and he usually gives me a call if there's one available to me. he called me yesterday midmorning with these tickets--another reason i get to go to a lot of these games is that i'm willing to drop everything and spend some cash on the spot to go.

Boston Fan in Michigan

FUNDAMENTAL HOPE. Dude, that is baseball itself, non?


Congrats, beth!


Beth - that's it! I need more Boston friends with ticket hookups!! LOL

Thanks for the comment on my site - it was the least antagonistic disagreement comment I've ever had, and for that I thank you. :)

Anyway, we'll always have the Sox. ;)

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