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September 07, 2006


Couch Potato

I'll cop to a "We traded him for Josh Beckett?" knee-jerk response (re Sanchez) but my survey answer has to be "F". Lowe & Arroyo are known commodities - we know how inconsistent they can be. With Lowe, you had the off-field issues as well & I don't think it takes a psychic to know that sooner or later, they would become public knowledge/distraction. Arroyo is talented but sometimes seems content to be mediocre.

I think you have to give the Sox F.O. a pass on Meredith & Sanchez. Regarding the latter, as much as the Marlins wanted to dump Lowell & Beckett's salaries, they weren't going to give them away for free and the Sox this year are better for their presence in the lineup. Sanchez is having an excellent rookie season, but it's way too early to elect him to the Hall of Fame.

As for Meredith, we need to remember two things: sometimes it takes pitchers a long time to "put it together" and arguably, he didn't demonstrate any progress towards that in the Sox system. Secondly, he's in the NL now.


Duh - D, obviously...

David Welch

A & D


Actually, not D, really. I just couldn't decide which of the others fit best. I guess a combination of B and E:
- Lowe and Bronson were known - and not always consistent - quantities;
- Sanchez has been allowed to develop (and flourish) in a major league context simply because Florida had no option but to do so (and also had nothing to lose, with their mini-payroll). Had he been in Boston, I doubt that throwing him in at the deep end would have been seen in the same light (see Craig Hansen and his 6.39 ERA);
- The only case that really bugs me is Meredith. He had a 27.00 ERA, but he only pitched 2.1 innings, which is not exactly a huge sample size. (Plus, we lost the chance to have a guy called Olise Cla in the rotation, which is a damn shame...)


Can I go with BAD? (Actually, in order it's probably DBA, but I like BAD better under the current circumstances.)


I go with Lowe and Bronson would not be doing this in the AL. They just wouldn't. We know them. It was getting painful to watch the D-Lowe face on an ever increasing basis and it was getting hard to watch B. get shelled by lefties on a daily basis.

Sanchez was tough to lose but he's also had a trouble with injuries in his minor league career. Also, it is the NL and he was facing Arizona. That's not quite the same thing. And if you want to compare rookies and whatnot, Lester threw 8 innings of 1 hit baseball against the Royals this year. Sucks that he has freaking cancer of all things but the brass thought that he was the better rookie. And perhaps he would've been and/or could still be. Plus, I don't think we really saw Lester this year. The exhaustion that being sick can leave one with is a tough thing to deal with.

And the thing with Meredith is that it is the NL and a pitchers park. But beyond that, he had discipline issues in the minor and was once late to a ST workout because he got lost on the way back from a booty call. Besides that, he sucked in his call-up and he SUCKED at AAA this year before the trade. There was NOTHING there to indicate that he'd be this good, save for his good start in AA LAST YEAR.

Couch Potato

Um...I posted this morning and it was "pre-coffee", I meant to type "E". Or maybe I really did see an "F" there & I should probably think about my caffeine addiction.

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