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October 31, 2006



//I cannot wait for that game next week. I hope it snows. I hope it's 40 below zero. I hope Peyton Manning gets sacked 12 times and intercepted all the times he's not eating turf. I hope the Colts have to play the rest of their season with at least one in the loss column, and I hope every time they look at that record they have to remember a wet, cold, windy humiliation (again) at the hands of the Patriots.//

This is my favorite bedtime story.

Also, didn't Bledsoe get benched for Losman in Buffalo too? Poor guy. I can't help but think he deserves better.


Do you have digital cable from Comcast? NFL Network / Patriots OnDemand has extensive highlights (as in, most of the game, if not all of it) that you can watch. I think they usually keep them up for a week.


Hey, to bad the Colts game didn't turn out as you so sadly hoped, pathetic loser. Nice game vs the Jets...ha

And another thing, Vinieteri won you guys multiple Super Bowls and I am sure put a lot in your spank bank. What a pitiful excuse for fans, to boo him upon his return. He is going to be one of 2 Hall of Fame Field Goal Kickers in history and he gets booed????? Why are you even a fan? I will admit there was a sense of class when I thought of the Patriots but that vanished for all fans on Sunday Night. You guys are sad.

Rob Adcox

Pats are an overrated team in a weak division with a soft schedule. Naturally ESPN, esp. Kornheiser, is busy sucking Brady's raisin sack. Naturally.


i will never understand why my football posts don't get comments until YEARS after they are written.

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