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November 05, 2006



Me neither.


Yeah, it was downright horrible to watch. I mean, we can take a little comfort in the fact that the defense didn't give up more points than they did, and that we were "in it" until the very end, but Tommy just had a horrible night. It just wasn't going to happen. I had a feeling from the moment that Troy Brown was flagged with that ridiculous taunting penalty that things were not going to go our way.


What the hell was that?! Good grief. Until I can come up with more coherent thoughts, I'm blaming Belichick's scary new red sweatshirt.


Sloppy. Just sloppy.


Beth, can I 'special request' a post topic? As you know, I'm not very knowledgeable about football but am starting to get into it, mainly because knowing the results of the latest Pats game tells me the rectal temperature of New England for the following week. I stayed up to watch the sucky second half of last night's and was unable to explain to my husband Why We Do Not Like The Colts.

Can you break down for a sister why we have a sports rivalry with a team that doesn't win our division all the time, and isn't located in a region that we particularly care about?


julia, the quick version is--because our rivalry with them comes in the postseason. For the past four years or so, the Pats and Colts have met in the postseason three times and each time have been the subject of rigorous debate over Manning vs. Brady, and certain styles of play against one another, i.e. high-flying offense vs. blue-collar defense, gaudy stats vs. "clutch" performances. the pats so far have been the dominant team of the postseason, and the colts the dominant team of the regular season. with fewer games per season, i think football is less regionally provincial than baseball--the colts / pats rivalry is about overall trends and the macroeconomics of the league, if you will.

anyone else care to chime in?


Also, the Colts were in the AFC East until the realignment of the league in 2002, so they were previously our conference rivals. As Beth said, one of the main reasons the rivalry has continued is of the postseason. Plus, the Brady-Manning QB comparison has added to it.


In reality, EVERYONE hates the Colts thanks to ESPN and their 24/7 Peyton lovefest. New England is the only team that can claim they own Indy, however.
I live in Tennessee, where everyone started naming their kids Peyton after his days at UT Knoxville. But with the Titans (there was a good rivalry for a few years there before we sucked) and the above mentioned reasons, even people here hate the Colts now.


As I'm sure I'll be hearing about it when I get back into the office tomorrow, so shall you hear about it now.

Consider this your one ring.

Go Bears.

In Peyton we trust.


yes, lesson number one i learned this weekend: never announce the trash you plan to talk before your team's game has been played. oy.

of course, losing to the only remaining undefeated team in the league > ending your team's undefeated streak against a last-place team with a losing record any day of the week.

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