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November 11, 2006



40 million just to talk is CRAZY!! This is why we pay outrageous prices for the tickets! Do we get the money back if we don't sign him or does the team keep the money? Not good!

Tom Gordon

Come on guys. Do a little research. Matsuzaka is projected to be amazing. Just look at some of the stuff hes done (and not just in Japan, check out the WBC). He throws in the mid-90s, is a strikeout pitcher, and has 4 other + pitches. The projected amount that the sox are giving to his japanese team is between 38-45 million dollars. I'll agree that that is insane, but it doesn't count on the luxury tax, and they get it back if he doesn't sign. Secondly, the sox feel like they could quickly make that money back in new revenue in Japan. Remember when Matsui went to NY, and all the Japanese newspapers and tv stations showed up. Now his games are all shown in Japan. This would allow the Red Sox and NESN to enter that market and make a killing. Plus, the Sox are trying to get baseball schools open in the Far East (similar to what they have in the Dominican). Just signing Matsuzaka would give them street cred in Japan and give them a boost in getting other top Japanese players. I'm all for the deal. It always amuses me when people get all pissed about how much the sport costs. This is all John Henry's money, and if they're making the money back in Japan and in selling Sox gear with Matsuzaka's name on it, then go for it as far as I'm concerned. IF they get him, that'd mean they have Beckett, Paps, Matsuzaka, all of whom are young and good. Thats your rotation of the future. If Lester recovers and decides to pitch again, then you're looking at 4 young aces. That would be the future of the club right there...


...all of which are valid arguments, but the fact that we have differing opinions doesn't mean we haven't "done our research."

everything you've said is something i've considered, but it is also true that he is unproven in the AL; many of the same arguments about his "stuff" were made about josh beckett before he came here. and what about jose contreras? wasn't he supposed to be the future of either the yankees or red sox for a while there? for every pitching prospect who turns out to be pedro martinez, it seems like there are about 10 who either can't cut it in the majors or can't cut it in the AL East.

i don't think it makes us ignorant to be concerned about these possibilities; i, for one, am "amused" at how every year, people swallow the hype around certain prospects hook, line and sinker.

Tom Gordon

I was more referring to the question "40 million just to talk is CRAZY!! This is why we pay outrageous prices for the tickets! Do we get the money back if we don't sign him or does the team keep the money? Not good!"

I answered the question. Yes you get it back if he doesn't sign. Also, with contreras, he was a guy who has been successful, just not in NY.

Tom Gordon

Beth, I wasn't calling you ignorant in any stretch. If I thought that, I'd have no reason to read this blog. I just think that some fans are taking a glass is half empty approach with this situation. My main point is this: The Sox are going to make moves this winter. It isn't our money that will be paying for the moves. Yes, I know we buy the hats and the tickets and the beer and all, but the prices for all that stuff was already really high, and I don't feel that this one move will change that. When you look at the projected numbers of Matsuzaka vs the other starters out there, he is the far and away best pitcher. I don't believe Zito will do well in the AL East, as hes too layed back, and with Schmidt, he's an NL guy whose numbers have been climbing the last three years. I just think that of the pitchers on the market, Matsuzka is the best option. Plus, he brings in revenue that will downplay the cost of the deal. Its all speculation at this point, and you certainly have a right to disagree with me. But from watching clips of Matzuzka pitch, he looks like the real deal to me, and after watching the likes of Jason Johnson, Snyder, Gabbard, Jarvis, Dave Pauley, and Devern Hansack start games for the sox, I'd wager they need someone good... Its just my opinion, but I think people need to be open to this deal...


right, you answered the question. just not with the same phrasing as in your second comment.

meanwhile, my point is that "just not in NY" is an important factor in considering deals like this.

Tom Gordon

You know what, its obviously you intend on being offended no matter what I say, so I guess there is no point in my continuing to argue the point with you. I was attempting a "Come on lets be supportive" sort of mantra with the research point. Not meant to be offensive. So, take it as you will, but I'm not a jerk, and I don't know what to say to you to convince you otherwise...

Tom Gordon

Updated: Nov. 11, 2006, 11:44 AM ET
Sources: Red Sox may have top Matsuzaka bid
By Buster Olney
ESPN The Magazine

The Boston Red Sox may have posted the top bid for the right to negotiate with Japanese right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka, according to Major League Baseball sources.

There has been no official announcement, and the Seibu Lions, Matsuzaka's team in Japan, have until Tuesday to accept or reject the high bid.

But, according to officials monitoring the bidding, the Red Sox bid may be between $38 million and $45 million.

According to a source, Texas bid about $22 million for Matsuzaka, with the intention of offering a contract of five years and $50 million if the Rangers had the top bid.

Matsuzaka, who pitched for Japan's World Baseball Classic champions, is considered among the top prospects available this offseason.

If the Lions accept the top bid, the winning bidder has 30 days to reach an agreement with Matsuzaka. If a deal cannot be reached, he would return to the Lions for the 2007 Japanese baseball season.

By 5 p.m. Wednesday, major league teams interested in bidding on the rights to deal with Matsuzaka had to post a sealed bid. Major League Baseball then took the highest bid and forwarded only the dollar figure -- not the identity of the team -- to the Seibu Lions.

According to a source within Major League Baseball, as of Friday afternoon, Seibu had not informed MLB officially whether it had accepted the bid.

There are three reasons the deal would make sense for the Red Sox:

• Talent evaluators who have seen Matsuzaka say he's a top of the rotation-quality pitcher who would improve the Red Sox staff.

• If Boston signs him it would effectively plant a Red Sox flag in the growing Far East market.

• By merely winning the bidding the Red Sox would block the Yankees from acquiring Matsuzaka. By signing him, they would gain the same kind of advantage the Yankees gained when they signed Johnny Damon away from Boston.



I wrote a lengthy post on the subject. I think this is a no lose high bid for the Sox...it just makes business and baseball sense.

Is there risk? Yes, but there is an element of risk in every decision and this is the least risky scenario to better the ball club this offseason whether they sign Matsuzaka or not...



i made that second comment before your later comments, tom, though it posted afterwards. you'll see they have the same time stamp. my apologies for the misunderstanding.

Tom Gordon

Yea, no problem, my apologies as well...

At this point, its just pissing me off that the Lions won't decide whether or not they're gonna accept the bid or not. This is taking way too long.

Lets GO PATS!!!


Where does the trade him for A-Rod thing come in? I've never heard that before, and reading about the Red Sox on the web is the reason I'm going to flunk out of grad school. (Well, not really, but I definitely read too much about the Sox.)

David Welch

I didn't bother reading the rest of the posts yet. I don't think we can call Matsuzaka (love saying that name!) a "prospect" at this point. I have no doubt that he will flourish in the AL, but whether that happens "right off the bat" (no pun intended), I am open to argument. And, the RAMIFICATIONS of a $100 million man posting an ERA over 4 and winning 16 games in Boston are not palatable.

I just had a conversation with a coworker about translating "Yankees Suck" into Japanese. We cam to concesus that it would come down to translating the meaning. So, we came up with the literal for "Yankees are Least Honorable," however that is translated. This is what google gives me!


Gary Garland

On Matsuzaka's last name, it means "pine hill." I'm not sure about the first.

But he got his first name due to the fact that Waseda Jitsugyo High School pitcher Daisuke Araki, who went on to a pretty good career in the pros himself with Yakult, was the big Koshien high school tournament hero when Matsuzaka's mom was pregnant with him. So Daisuke it was.

I will agree that the $51 million was absolutely stupid and I'm not sure if this will workout for Boston economically unless the Bosox win a couple world titles during his tenure with them. They will get millions in free advertising every year on the tv news, the sports dailies and the afternoon gossip shows in Japan, but one thing I wonder is will Japanese tourists be able to get tickets to the games so that they can then hit the team store and spend tons of bucks apiece in omiyage (souvenirs to take back home to friends, family and coworkers).? If Boston were in a bigger capacity park then maybe it works out better. But then again, I know very little about that organization, so maybe they will make it work.

The Red Sox have been a zero presence in Japan from a scouting standpoint, at least since Ray Poitevant left. So I'm interested to see if Theo can get an infrastructure together to fully exploit Daisuke's presence the way Seattle did with Ichiro and the Yanks did with Godzilla Matsui.


gary, that is a really good point about the size of the park. i hadn't thought about that at all.

i don't necessarily agree, though, that a couple world titles are necessary to balance out the $51M. the red sox are a pretty rich team.

would that infrastructure to exploit matsuzaka's presence be up to theo? or larry lucchino? or both?

another question--there's already talk in boston about how to refer to the lad. i had assumed that like most guys in sports, you'd use the last name, matsuzaka. but you refer to him as daisuke. what's a good nickname / reference in your opinion?

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