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January 02, 2007



I'm almost done with "Feeding The Monster" - which was a Christmas present. So I'm definitely pining for baseball now. At least Purdue looks to be competitive in basketball this year, so I'll have the Big 10 to keep me entertained until Spring Training.


I am so ready for pitchers and catchers. It can't come soon enough.


I spent New Year's Day lazing around my house rewatching the 2004 ALCS. Good times.

46 days, I think, until p&c.


Funny bit of irony here. I think I've told you that I was a New England transplant when I was young, originally from Queens, NY. It was just a bit before baseball became important to me (thank God!), but I latched onto Joe Namath the year of Supe III and so I've been a Jet fan ever since. With all our Sox love vs. the hated Yankees, I find myself in a role reversal in football terms. So, anyway, just thought you'd get a kick out of me being the underdog vs. the big bad Pats this week. It's kind of cool being the underdog with no pressure whatsoever. If the Jets don't win, we've still improved this year and have alot to look forward to, but if we win, we've toppled the big bad perenial division champs. Enjoy the game, but alas, I'll be rooting for the NYers. But fear not, in 44 days (i believe)- we'll both be welcoming the same pitchers and catchers to camp. (smile!)


it is weird. football / baseball allegiances sometimes do get tricky. you're right the jets are in a good position--a position that has worked out very well for new england over the last five years, in fact. mangini has shown himself a worthy member of the "belichick diaspora", and objectively speaking, the story of the apprentice getting the upper hand on the master will be a sweet one for the media--so much so that i'd be surprised if they haven't switched themselves all around and started picking the jets instead by game time. it's happened before.

subjectively speaking, i hope the jets get their asses kicked, but if they don't, i won't be surprised. the pats this year have been kind of a multiple-personality team. if the completely fraudulent version of the 2006 - 07 pats suits up, we could be trounced easily.

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