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January 13, 2007



PS ::sticks fingers in ears, squeezing eyes shut:: lalalalala


Re: the Colts game, I watched much of it last night and would disagree with your characterization of the contest as a 'trouncing'. Until the final Indy field goal, I thought it was a pretty tight game, or at least that both teams were sucking equally. PM had no TDs and what, three INTs? The scoring was all Vinatieri and if there is a silver lining to the Colts' win, it's that Manning sucked as much as he's historically done in the playoffs.

But, then, I don't know anything about football, so you can tell me to shut up just about anytime. :)


you got a point re colts game. i only really watched that one out of the corner of my eye while running around doing wedding stuff yesterday, though, so i was going more on final score. plus baltimore def sucked at life far more than indy in general--i can't even count the number of dropped interceptions for guys in purple in the parts of that game i *did* see.

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