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January 21, 2007



I know it's classy that you don't mention it, but on the topic of 'fair-and-square' -- this game featured some terrible officiating.


i won't say they didn't beat us fair & square either. that being said, i wouldn't shed a single tear if somehow Chicago comes up the victor in Miami either.


As an impartial spectator, I was getting a little tired of the Patriots. I respect the team immensely, but the whole "we get no respect" act was growing a little thin. That being said, no rational human being could ever root for the Peyton Manning face. Everyone needs to lose now and then, and hopefully Belichick, Brady, Bruschi and everyone else will be classy in defeat. You guys have been the best franchise in the league for the past 5ish years, and I'd still take Brady over Manning anyday. Congrats to you, and go Bears.


Too bad it had to end as it did. 30 minutes from the SB. However, the Colts are a good team and will represent the AFC well. We did over achieve this year. People were hoping for the playoffs--we got to the championship game. All you can ask for is a chance to play--we got it and lost. But it was good entertainment and I enjoyed the whole season. Got to go to a few games with you and what can be better than that! Now it's GO SOX!! Let the ticket hunt begin.


Quit whining. Brady is a loser on and off the field. He hasn't won a Super bowl since Weiss left for Notre Dame. And now that his private life has exposed him for the prick he is his game is going to suffer even more. I can't wait to see his buttface when they down again this season!!!

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