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February 02, 2007


chief troll

great analysis of our article and intent with the piece ... basically, at the end, we believe our article on the same topic was the much better piece.
Thanks for your interest.

- the chief troll


hey, thanks for visiting and commenting. glad you liked the post. keep up the good work.

Ted Sares

I don't think he did. And even if he did, so what? What harm did it do? The guy is a great writer.


Video interview prior to Roy Jones vs. John Ruiz - by Joe Rein



i find it astonishing that you might wonder why R.B. may have a grudge with Belly-Up-Chuck. R.B. was a Pats beat writer for a while and had a close up view of the hypocrisy that is the N.E. fan and how it picks its victims. No one talks about Belly-Up-Chuck cheating on his wife and kids with this other woman. Just win us that S.B. that is all you care about. Borges got to see how he demands his players respect and too respect the organization and he does not have to. Where is Myra's outrage. But you will throw a player under the bus if Bill and his mgt. team decide to let a player go. Your all a bunch of losers. Brady, great role model. fathering kids out of wedlock right and left. Bledsoe, solid Dad and football player chastised and spat upon in the media.Titles only make superficial champions. How one lives his life is the super bowl.


cutting through your juvenile invective, i will admit you may have a point. however, what borges reported on and unfairly criticized belichick about was on-field and team-related, not in his private life.

also, you and i just plain have a difference of opinion when it comes to judging players / coaches. if i only rooted for teams / coaches i found of perfect character, i would have no one to root for.


On the contrary...you could look at the Dungy led Colts, the John Fox led Carolina Panthers, Paul Holmgrem at both G.B. and now Seattle. Granted the examples are few and far between. However there are always positive example. ....about the..."juvenile invective", It is just how I feel when I see this guy. He is a great FOOTBALL coach. But he is SUPPOSED to be a ROLE MODEL! Borges will be missed. Someone has to be on the bridge to inform us when the Emperor has no clothes.


again, you and i disagree about whether or not belichick is supposed to be a role model, and whether or not his marital issues have any bearing on how he should be viewed as a coach.

all of that said, i also reiterate that borges' coverage did not address the "character" issues with belichick that you bring up. rather, his columns were along the lines of blatantly asinine predictions of patriots defeat at the height of their dynasty era, potshots about a patriots player-development system that was *clearly* working--to the tune of three championships in four years--in other words, spurious commentary that did little to advance any cause, be it character-policing or insightful football analysis, or provide any information other than that borges frequently seemed not to know what he was talking about.

anyway, seems we've gone back and forth here on this twice...guess we'll have to agree to disagree.


My last word on this...Why are players tasked with being role models, and the leader, face of the franchise is not! This is a double standard!

Ted Sares

I don't think he did. And even if he did, so what? What harm did it do? The guy is a great writer

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