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March 11, 2007



It is only March! Daisuke will have days like this throughout the season. The important thing is he was throwing harder and pretty close to full speed.

I'd much rather see streaky with moments of greatness than mediocrity across the board - its those hot streaks that you ride to World Series victories.

Needless to say, I'm happy he's in Boston and look forward to seeing many more games this year.


i'm trying to decide between two seats at fenway - pavilion and loge. i've never been there and am a sox fan from nj. can you give me some insight into which are better? the pavilion seats are box 10 on the 3rd base side. the loge seats are box 98 on first base side


beardedmike, they both have their advantages. pavilion is the upper deck, roof boxes--interesting view up there of the whole park and the city beyond. but if you can only get to one game, though, i'd take the loge seats. those are in the inner "bowl" of the stadium, around the infield, second section back. loge seats are also in front of the grandstand, so they don't have poles in the way.


so the loge seats have good views, than? i've also heard that the pavilion has great views of the game as well, but it seems that they are up so high that they wouldn't.


yes, loge seats are right near the field and not blocked by anything. if you're going to one game, take the loge seats is my advice. the pavillion seats have a good view but they are the upper deck, further from the field.


not to be a pain in the ass, but i called the ticket office and they said pavilion has a better view. are loge seats in foul ball territory? i was going to go with the loge, but i had to call the damn ticket office.


mike, i don't have a new answer for you. if you want my opinion, loge is better. if you don't want the loge seats, don't take 'em. up to you.


"Just before Mike Lowell's bloopy single to bring it within one, the cameras showed Bill Belichick, decked out in casual golf gear, jawing into a cell phone, lounging around languidly while the game went on..."

This only reconfirms the idea that Belichick is one of the most influential people in hip hop.

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