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April 01, 2007


Joe Reuter

I'm not sure where you draw your conclusion that "film" isn't a recognized and vital tool for understanding the game. There is a dramatic difference between instant replay - in it's original form and what it is now and game film.

I don't know of any coach who never studied game film - and when Belichick says he'll have to watch the film, he really will have to watch the film. He's only got 1 set of eyes and 22 different players going in different directions at ridiculous speed. You need the film - although it's not so much film these days. It's all digital - tagged with every imaginable criteria and stored away. This way when a Defensive Line coach has a particular player that concerns him he can call up all of the game films of say, "Player X vs. Teams running Y formation and Blocking in Z scheme" from his hotel room on a laptop, and like intertubes magic he has the data in front of him.

The technology of football has always been on the cutting edge - the first to mic players for game (I'll never forget Steve Atwater and Christian Okoye going head to head on Monday Night Football when I was a youngster) to putting cameras in the players helmets so we could see what they saw (except without accounting for eye movement we didn't see anything near what they saw) up to the awesome visual graphics the broadcasters have played with from time to time (like the football tracking graphic that showed angle of ascent/descent and velocity's - maybe I'm just a geek but I thought that was awesome.

The whole thing is very exciting. Anyhow, nicely written entry. Thanks.


Joe, thanks for your comment. I don't think we actually disagree--didn't mean to convey the conclusion that film isn't, as you put it, a recognized and vital tool for understanding the game...in fact, it is, hence my surprise it took till the year 2007 for instant replay to be given a "permanent" place in the game.

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