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April 26, 2007


Oriole Magic!

Hey, nothing like taking something COMPLETELY out of context and using it to make Baltimore look stupid, huh?

Why don't you quote my WHOLE article about the stupid sock story instead of the part where I just present was Palmer said?

Perhaps you could toss in the bulk of the article where I said that

1)Who cares? The important part was that Schilling pitched his ass off in that game, not what color his sock was

2)That fake or not it brought attention to his ALS charity which is good no matter what

3) That I correctly predicted from the start what the truth was. That Mirabelli made a stupid joke and Thorne just believed him.

Geesh...if I wanted to see a mangling of the truth in order to make a division rival look bad I'd just watch the YES Network. Maybe you could get a job writing for them?

Oh, and Baltimore isn't spelled Boltimore.


um. i believe if you read MY whole post i said i found the following STATEMENTS disturbing. i think it's pretty clear since i link the whole article that it's only one part of it.

my "job" if you could call it that, as a blogger, is to get MY message across, not yours or anybody else's. the statement i took from your site is actually a paraphrase of ANOTHER story, of course, and that much is reflected in the quote. if it's not something you personally believe, that's reflected by mentioning the other article. if it is, then you and i disagree and that's all i'm saying, which i also said publicly on your site, giving the reasons why, before posting this.

either way, the idea that broadcasters of national stature are somehow more reliable than others is an idea i find ludicrous, whether it's yours or not. where i saw the idea was your post, and i quoted it as i saw it. i fail to see what further context is necessary.

and anyway, if that's enough to make the entire city of baltimore look bad, then i really don't know what that says about baltimore. personally i think what's made baltimore look bad in this case is a moron broadcaster for your sports network and the people who were willing to believe at face value the patently ludicrous things he was saying, for reasons like the fact that he's a national broadcaster and therefore wouldn't make shit up.

finally, humblest apologies for the typo. it has been corrected.

maxwell horse

Hmmmm.... It says on the front page that there were 11 comments here. Now there are two. It looks like I missed out on some "excitement."

Curt finally addressed all this idiocy on his blog. What really pisses me off are the people posting responses beneath that he's some kind of jerk for addressing this. (This is why I hate people.) That's ridiculous. He was basically slandered against on a national broadcast--an insult to both him and Sox fans everywhere. He has every right to defend himself on his own gosh darn blog.

Anyway, can't wait for the Daisuke game tonight. Although, I'm a little worried about our chances. If the Sox hit as poorly against Pettitte as they did last week. And if the Yanks hit against Daisuke as well as they did before, it's going to be rough.

maxwell horse

Okay, maybe I'm just delusional. Now it says 3 comments. I think maybe I just had another one of my spells.


nah, the 11 is a glitch.

i personally would rather he hadn't dignified it with a response, but now that he's chosen to, well, okay, then. i think the people who flame him in the comments over there have got to be the definition of dumb. i can't understand the mindset of someone who'd take the time and energy to scream at someone they don't know to shut up because they don't think they should be talking.

my armchair theory on that is that for some people, it sucks enough that curt can already do something better than they ever could as a career. to have him also be able to articulate himself better/ communicate better than them and write a much more popular blog than them might be too much for ppl to take, depending on their level of insecurity.

still. the nerve and poor grasp of reality it takes to tell curt what he can and can't say, what his blog is and what it isn't, what kind of person he is and what kind of "distraction" the blog is for the clubhouse is something i really don't find myself able to totally comprehend.


as the owner of one of the comments you posted as an example of stupidity of the Sockgate '07, I'd like to point out that, yes, I indeed said the following:

"But really the [turtle-f*cking] analogy doesn't work for me because there never has been suspicion surrounding Mo and turles whereas therew has been regarding Schilling and the bloody sock."

First of all, the typo and poor grammar is entirely inexcusable. Sorry. Secondly, earlier in the comment I suggested that turtle f*cking was Kyle Farnsworth territory (you conveniently ommitted this part!). I still remain unconvinced of the Mariano-Turtle connection.


nick...you get slow applause for that comment. beautifully done.

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