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April 27, 2007


Boston Fan in Michigan

Ha ha ha, you are TOTALLY justifying Matsuzaka's thus-far mediocrity and your overwhelming love. Of course you are. And I cannot help but nod in content agreement.

maxwell horse

Daisuke seems to be somewhat of an enigma at this point. He seems to have only two "modes." *Lights Out* and *Meltdown.* Thankfully that second mode occurs more rarely, and he bounces back pretty nicely.

I've heard a lot of talk about him being a different pitcher "down the stretch," and also speculation that he has trouble with the heart of the order the 2nd time around. But considering that during both of his 4th-inning "meltdown" games, he couldn't even find the plate--it seems almost just a purely psychological issue to me. Like he just has a sort of brief panic attack.

Thankfully he always seems to collect himself and pitches great again the next inning. I think if they can avoid these "meltdowns" in the future, he really will be the pitcher everyone hoped he would be.

Anyway, tonights win was nice. It was good to see the bottom of the line-up produce again, and in a game that wasn't giving me heart attacks at the end to boot.


Actually, I worried about Daisuke being a nibbler at the beginning of the season. Still, if he can give us 16 wins with an ERA below 5 in what is basically a transition from AAAA ball to AAAAAAAAA American league east I will be more than satisfied.

As for the Yankees, I will count them out when they are buried in the ground with the wooden stake sticking out so that we can hammer it once in a while just to make sure they are still buried.

Expect the Tampa folks to start pushing for changes in the rotation going after Dontrelle etc. Also, expect the Yankees to go after Helton. They are getting nothing from first base on offense and while Doug M-alphabet is good with the glove and will save them 60 runs (with this staff it might be 100)this year, you know George is gnashing his teeth. Plus if George can get Helton when the Sox couldn't you know he will just rub that in.

This team is just to good to keep on losing, but if your starters can't go five with this line up you are in big trouble. Wonder what the headlines will be tomorrow?


My friend Ryan, who is a few years older than me, listened to all this and paused, considering his answer carefully before saying, "I'll take this.

"With chocolate on top."

I'm usually the bleeding heart, but in this instance I'm with Ryan.

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