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April 28, 2007


The Patriot Act | MVN - Most Valuable Network  Blog Archive  New England takes FS Meri

[...] It’s hard to argue with a first-round addition to the Patriots’ secondary. I was just off on where the addition would be, I guess. (Snif. I had my “Beast” signs all designed and everything&#823 [...]

Dan Murphy


My name is Dan and I am a former writer for GIANTS 101 on MVN. You want to know what is funny? The level of separation among journalists. Lookie here, Beth, I have never spit out sour grapes at the Pats for winning; or the Red Sox for doing the same. First, let's not start with the past with the Yanks and Sox because you will just lose that battle horribly. Secondly, three Superbowls in four years is certainly a tremendous accomplishment and I truly have an appreciation for the Pats' good fortune. However, the Giants do have two titles and seven NFL championships.

And we are obnoxious? You are the fair-weathered, obtuse broad that I detest. Up yours, Beth...with all do respect!


dan, iuse the word"obnoxious" to describe a bunch of hollering foolson the televisionand poke gentle fun at the recent fate of some NY sports teams, you call me a "broad" and say "up yours."that seems a little uncalled for, don't you think?

that said, thanks for my first flame. i no longer feel like such a n00b around here. :-)

Dan Murphy

Anytime, Beth

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