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May 20, 2007


maxwell horse

Eck will be back tomorrow. So says the Q&A with Tom Caron at the Boston Globe site.

In other news, I've lost faith in Brendan Donnelly, while simultaneously gaining new enthusiasm for Daisuke. And Gabbard looked so good out there today I was a little put out when I heard they'd be sending him down again in exchange for Manny Delcarmen.


If there's anyone who can find the chink in the armor, the potential disasters when it comes to our team, it's us.

Boy, isn't that the truth. Even with the 86 year exercise in futility and heartache well in the past, the mindset still remains firmly ingrained in our psyches. Old habits are so hard to break. Still, the more time passes, the more I get the feeling there's something special about this team, though of course I'd never write off the Yankees unless they're 10 games out with 9 to play.

I got a kick out of Rob Bradford's latest blog post, which includes all of the Sox players' self chosen theme songs. I'm glad Papelbon still uses "Wild Thing" even though he's (mercifully) ditched the mohawk. I think it suits him.


By the by, Edgar Renteria getting a hit and then scoring a run off Papelbon? You know my dad just did that with his mind.

On the radio the other day they were giving Renteria's stats and your Dad yelled: "How come we never get guys like that?!" ;-)

Edgar is still his boy...

Boston Fan in Michigan

//Remy has also, awesomely, given him the nickname "Salty".//

Beth, Beth, Beth. You think the Atlanta media hasn't been calling him that since he first came onto the scene? No way they call him Saltalamacchia any more than they absolutely have to. :P

It's also his nickname on the team. By no means an invention of Remy's, tho he does get props for recognizing the awesomeness of a guy named Saltalamacchia.

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