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May 01, 2007


maxwell horse

This was my exact response as I watched the 9th as well. We *knew* Paps was going to blow a save sooner or later, because he did blow a few last year. I can live with a blown save. What was *most* disturbing however was that he looked so bad tonight. As you (and Don and Remy) noticed, his velocity was 4-5 mph lower than it normally was. That fact alone scared the crap out of me. And after his pitch count got into the twenties, I was cringing after each throw, half-expecting him to grab his shoulder, waiting for the medical staff to usher him off the field in a repeat of last year.

In the post-game press conference Terry downplayed the blown save saying stuff like "he's human." I *have* to think, however, that in the back of Terry's mind, he's concerned about the same exact thing that a lot of home viewers automatically thought of when Orsillo kept noting the weak velocity. I've just *got* to believe that Terry and Co. are already, as we speak, planning a full-on set of medical exams for Paps' shoulder.

This was the sh*ttiest game of the year.

If there is *any* positive to tonight, it's that Paps and Donnelly both chose the same night to eff-up--meaning it only resulted in one lost game. If they'd spread out their failures, it might've meant two losses.


I am also very concerned about Pap's arm.
I will be praying to Robin Roberts tonight for Jonathan's well-being.


I feel the same way. It's particularly disturbing considering Papelbon was rested; off Monday and he only pitched one game in the Yankees series, one game against Baltimore, and not at all against Toronto last week.

He looked fine on Sunday, blowing away Matsui on pure gas. Hopefully it's just one of those bad days every pitcher has.

David Welch

In baseball, we have the IBB (intentional walk). Now, perhaps we have the IBS. Think about it. Teams are now feeling that perhaps Papelbon has some weakness, since he psyched them out with that intentional blown save. Watch for him the convert his next 20 opportunities while giving up maybe 2 runs!


maybe offer up a sacrificial duck to the baseball gods?



There it is Beth, all the Voodoo Healer info we need. He'll be okay.

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