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May 22, 2007



With a 7-2 lead after seven innings, it seemed like the Sox should have been able to get the W without using Papelbon or Okajima.

It was great to see Eck back. McCarty isn't bad, but he's no Eck.

maxwell horse

Yeah, Eck's my favorite. But honestly, I at least like all the other co-hosts. Except Macha. Macha I "tolerated" until the Sox experienced a crushing loss. (Can't remember the details.) And then when they came back to Macha for the Post-Show, it was like salt in the wound. It was then that I realized that I hated him and his disinterested, I-don't-give-a-crap-either-way demeanor.

But I digress. I agree that this was an odd win. Odd, because even though it was a win, it unsettled me. Mostly it was seeing Okajima look so bad that did it. Scary. Even before anyone reached third, it was obvious he simply couldn't locate his pitches. I hope this is just a freaky one-night thing, and not a sign of anything larger.

And yeah, I f*cking hate Arod. It's funny, when he was getting booed last season, I sort of felt bad for him. And when he had the hot start this year, part of me was like, "Good for him!" But then when I actually saw him in action during these Sox games--the way he narcissistically poses for the camera. How every expression on his face seems a self-aware, calculated effort to "come off" a certain way. The cheap shot at Pedroia...... I realize he really is an obnoxious asshole.


A-Rod is an amazing talent. But damn if he isn't the smarmiest, most obnoxious jerk in baseball. At least Bonds doesn't pretend to be a nice guy in the media; A-Rod has this "good guy" image he's always trying to maintain that is the total opposite of how he conducts himself on the field. His take out of Pedroia tonight was almost as bush league as his slap play in the '04 ALCS.

I wish MLB would go back to the balanced schedule. I could do without so many Sox/Yanks games every year. Unfortunately, they'll be back at Fenway next weekend, and the Rocket could be with them. Hoo boy.


a-rod really is a dick. why hasn't the "media" expressed any outrage over his blatent dirty style of play?

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