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May 26, 2007


maxwell horse

Kudos to Daisuke for staying in the game. It must've been awful being out there with the constant worry of having a *very* embarrassing moment on the mound.

Sosa: I couldn't believe how bad he looked defensively. He looks as bad or worse than WMP.


Just cover Jonathan Papelbon, please. Video. Audio. Pictures. Interviews. What can we do to get some more Papelbon content going here?

I didn't know you were a Jonathan fan... ;-)


w/r/t the PS - i'm fairly convinced that the red sox are having a secret ugliest-facial-hair-ever contest. Youk is running away with it - although Beckett's chinshrub could give him a challenge if it goes back to its natural, bushy state, rather than the oddly well-groomed look its had lately.


See, even if it's ugly, I like that the Red Sox players do things with their facial hair. It makes them look more like...well, guys hanging around playing a game and having fun, as opposed to corporate banshees like a certain team with pinstriped uniforms. *cough* The hair doesn't make the man, but it gives them a little more surface personality, you know?

Daisuke's catching on with the facial hair trend too. I guess it's been the focus of some talk in Japan because he was always clean cut.

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