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May 13, 2007



Someone also called Papelbon a "baka" while he was mic'd up. He didn't understand at first and had to ask Daisuke's translator for the meaning (idiot). I want to say it was Beckett since this immediately preceded the scene with Francona you referenced above, and Papelbon's retort to the insult was a quick, "well that's the pot calling the kettle black." So it would seem to fit. Either way it was funny.

Papelbon being unplugged that way is kind of scary...he's adorable but also very weird. (I'm starting to think that he may have a slight gambling problem with the way he talks about all the bets he makes, too.) Nonetheless, NESN should have those videos up, for sure, if for no other reason than for the world to see the look on Tito's face in that exchange.

I miss Eck as well. No one does the studio gig better than the Eck.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Jonathan Papelbon would earn NESN so much more money that it isn't even funny. I mean, we would be glued to our TVs, checking in at all hours, just in case they decided to run the Jonathan Papelbon Talks About Shit for an Hour show at 4 in the morning or something.

The Jonathan Papelbon and Dennis Eckersley Discuss Life Show

The Jonathan Papelbon MLB Scrabble Tournament Show

The Jonathan Papelbon: Sites to See Around Boston Show

The possibilities are seriously endless.

maxwell horse

Count me among those who regarded the Papelbon mic-up as a "be careful what you wish for" kind of thing. Sounded good in theory. But as he continued to ramble idiotically about not using words you can't spell, accosting the Japanese contingent of the team, etc--I couldn't help think that these were precious moments of my life I would never get back.

Also, thank the sweet Lord that Ken Macha was out of the studio yesterday. (I really was becoming terrified he was the new permanent co-host.) He's someone that's tolerable when the Sox are winning, but after the first loss to the Orioles--returning to this dude's ridiculously indifferent, I-don't-actually-give-a-crap-about-this-team attitude for the post-show, was like salt in the wound.

Stephen Warren

Since I'm limited to only what Extra Innings shows, I sadly only got to see one of the three Papelbon sessions. If the other two were half as good as the first, then I think I might've missed out on some of the best TV of the week.


the relative outside-ness of a pitch

Eloquently put! :-)


Iain got to watch NESN in high-def widescreen

It felt like being in Honey I've Shrunk the Iain: "Oh my God - I'M INSIDE THE TV!!!!!"

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