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June 04, 2007


maxwell horse

I had to skip reading the Sox blogs (at least for a day) after the trauma I suffered watching the Sox implode to the Yanks. But I just had to add a late comment on this.

I honestly think Manny might be my favorite Sox--and it is exactly for the reason you talk of here. He's friggin' hilarious. And I don't even necessarily mean it in some condescending way. I just find the dude hilarious, ESPECIALLY when he does some crazy balls-out play on the bases or in the field.

I don't know whether the humor is entirely unintentional or at least partially self-aware on his part--but it doesn't matter. He's a joy to watch either way. And I think the fact that we never get to hear him talk, ever, adds to the impression that he's like a classic silent-movie comic.

I think so far, including the Yankee debacle two nights ago, Manny has made three full-on belly-flop dives into bases this year. Each one has been more hilarious than the last. And you don't even have to see his face for them to be funny. (Although I love it when his face lights up with a big smile as he points at his teammates right after he's pulled off some awesome catch in left field.) There's just something inherently funny about his body suddenly flying into frame from the right and seeing those dread-locks going every which way.

I'm honestly baffled each time I read a post by a fan from another team (usually Yankees) saying how much they hate Manny Ramirez. The dude doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. Hating Manny Ramirez is like hating Chaplin's character in City Lights--there's something wrong with you if you do.


Tito is totally that little bald guy Benny used to slap around.

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