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June 27, 2007


maxwell horse

Damnit! Manny could've caught that!

(Worst loss? What about when Pap blew his first save with the two run homer. And his velocity was way down and it looked like his arm was going to rip from his shoulder at any moment and fly into the stands?)


Yeah, I gotta agree, Papelbon's blown save was the most painful thing I saw this season. A grind-it-out one-run loss really blows, especially with so many left on base, and yesterday left me terrified of what's going to happen to our season from this point out, but that one hit me on a more intense emotional level. I just looked at Papelbon and crumpled.

I just have to keep holding on to happy thoughts, like how the Orioles just shut the Yankees out.


Swept by the Mariners and they lose no ground to the Yankees. How often has that sort of thing happened? Horrific series (and a squandered gem by Daisuke), but things could be a lot worse.

Here's an interesting question: where would the Red Sox be if Manny and Ortiz were actually hitting homeruns at their usual paces? And if Lugo weren't hitting beneath the Mendoza line?


They didn't lose ground to the Yankees, but they did lose ground to the Blue Jays :-(

There was a lot wrong with this game (and the whole series), and these things rarely comes down to one specific play, but in a moment of sheer frustration, I have to admit cursing Manny for not at least making an attempt to lay out for that ball at the wall.


good point about the papelbon thing. i do remember that made for an unpleasant couple of days. it didn't cap a sweep, though, that's what's boosting this one in the ranks for me.

David Welch

On Lugo's SI mention, should we expect the reverse SI curse, in that now we can expect him to start hitting?

David Welch

I think Daisuke should have been pitching, even in the 11th inning! He's slotted for an extra day off, so no doubt he could have hanled it!


I agree with it being Lugo's fault but that's just ebcause i think everything is Lugo's faut


Beth, if you haven't seen this yet, I think it might interest you. :)


awww. that's a very nice article. thanks for the link!

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