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June 27, 2007


maxwell horse

Last night's game was indeed awful. Losses are bad enough. But the fact that Felix looked flat-out mediocre and the Sox STILL lost is what's hard to take.

On the plus side, I'm finding it genuinely fun watching Coco play these days.

maxwell horse

"...last night was also a welcome to your 2007 Red Sox without Curt Schilling or a suitable replacement anchoring the rotation."

Actually, I found the previous night's game just as frightening in that regard. To me, Tavarez simply didn't lose. To me it was clear he is pitching hurt. After the fourth inning where he tweaked his left leg (for like the 50th time in his last several starts), he just couldn't find the strike zone. It looked to me like he kept collapsing on that leg during his follow-through motion--leading to about 80 walks in a row.

It's scary to think of what's going to happen the rest of the season without a strong Curt OR a healthy Tavarez.


didn't see tavarez start for myself, but you're right, if he is indeed hurt it would be pretty nausea-inducing.

w/r/t coco, he is hopefully in the running for some kind of international afro award. because, damn, he looks completely bitchin' with that gangsta hair. actually with the braids, too, he's def. been rocking the NWA style this year. i approve.

Boston Fan in Michigan

*looks at the Eck*


*looks some more*

*dies again*

maxwell horse

I love it when Coco has the afro going. Totally old-school. It looks especially awesome when he's got his cap on, and the the tufts peek out the back and sides. Like a snapshot from someone's old baseball card collection.

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