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June 30, 2007


maxwell horse

Really nice write-up on the end of yesterday's game. (As was your post about our new "NASCAR Overlords.") I can't really add much to the historical pitches list, as I'm embarrassingly ignorant about baseball. However, if the list were limited to "Wickedest-Awesomest Closing Performances by Jonathan Papelbon in the '07 season," then you'd have to include his April 8th appearance where he pitched 1.2 innings, closing the game against the Texas Rangers. That's all I've got.


What a great list. I can't think of anything to add off the top of my head, but I'm definitely gonna be meditating on this one for a while.

I heart Dustin Pedroia, and watching him fling himself in there to mellow Papelbon out was a big joy from the rookie.

maxwell horse

Oh, hey, I just thought of another great one from this year. I've got it on tape, so I can attest to how great it is. It's not a specific pitch I have in mind, but a closing performance.

It's the very first matchup between the Sox and Yankees this year. The one where the Sox made the crazy comeback in the 8th inning against Mo.

Papelbon wasn't available that night, so Okajima had to step in. As Orsillo has said a few times since then, that game was Okajima's "coming out party." It was almost excruciating to watch. (Especially the "walk" to Abreu, who to my eyes, struck out twice in that at bat.) The crowd was hanging on every pitch. And when it ends, Orsillo says, "Welcome to Boston, Hideki Okajima."


Good call on the Okajima pitch, maxwell. I was thinking the same thing as I read this.

I'd also add last Sunday against the Padres for recent dramatic pitches; Adrian Gonzalez at the plate, 3-2 count, tying run 90 feet away. And he swings and misses on a nasty Josh Beckett curveball to end the frame. That one was pretty cool too.

Great idea for a blog post. I don't think anything will ever top the Foulke/Clark AB in my mind, though...I still get shivers when I think about it.


good call on the okajima thing. and joshie's padres one.

i'm embarrassed not to have any pedro pitches on here in the original. the first one that occurs to me is from 2004, the one on which he earned his 2,500th career strikeout.

here's what i wrote at the time. (format kind of messed up b/c i imported it from blogger)

also i need to sift through some of my old DVDs and try to find a favorite splitter from curt. he should be represented on this list as well.


For this season, what about Okajima vs Bonds? He was down 2-0 in the count and got a visit from John Farrell. Then he struck Bonds out LOOKING. On three pitches. It's not often you catch Bonds like that and Okajima did! That is flat out amazing. And that last pitch was a beauty.


Love the blog. Kudos for choosing Derek Lowe's pitch to end the 2003 ALDS as #1. As I was reading the post and got to the part where you mentioned starting a "best pitches" list, that's the one that immediately came to mind. I still remember being on the phone (from Seattle) with my Dad (in Boston) and my jaw just dropping watching that pitch, both because of the pitch itself and the situation. I agree with piney about adding Okajima's pitch to Bonds to the list.

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