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July 08, 2007



Cinco freakin' Ocho, man. Do you think he tries to make people call him that? And, like, a couple of guys will humor him, but Varitek is just like, "Do not make us put you on the D/L for reasons of mental health. Do you really believe that Matt Clement's been out all this time with a bad rotator cuff?"

This series is KILLING MY SOUL.


But by far the high point of this particular Papelbon Scoop is the moment Jonathan just happens to casually drop in there during the pitcher-sexiness conversation with Youk that, and I quote, "Obviously, you know, Beckett's not going to be on your list..."

You get the feeling that Papelbon and Beckett must be really good friends with the way they're always ribbing each other. (Though it seems like Pap's usually doing most of the ribbing.) It's quite adorable...I always enjoy seeing that kind of stuff between teammates.

I don't think Papelbon has any business trash talking about appearances with some of the hairdos he's sported in the past, however. And didn't he once wear a sweater vest to some public function? I seem to recall seeing a picture of that somewhere. Damn funny.

Kristin L.

That was a riot. Thanks for tipping us off to that video. It made my day - except for the part about Beckett. He's way sexier than Lenny DiNardo.


A Flight to Remember?

"It was great," said Beckett. "We got to listen to Cinco Ocho [Papelbon] yell at Mike Lowell for beating him in cribbage the whole way, it was great."

I totally would've paid money to see that. :)


joshie called him cinco ocho?!?

it's going to take me the rest of the day to get over that.

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