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August 30, 2007


maxwell horse

My favorite part about this series was how the Sox offense, a concern all season, really stepped up. Man, scoring at least 10 runs a game was awesome! It seemed like everyone was contributing. And how about that Julian Tavarez? That guy has really been great for us all season. You need a quality spot-start from a bullpen guy? No problem.

I can't wait for the upcoming Yanks series! With the Sox coming off their best series of the season, and the Yanks being humiliated by the Tigers last night, the Sox have all the momentum on their side. I know Beckett is going to humiliate that fat-head Roger Clemens, and Curt will show 55,000 Yankee fans that he's still the man.

Chim-chiminey, chim-chim, chiree! A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be. Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious! The farmer in the dell, the farmer in my poop, hi ho, fiddle-dee dee -0- Hallepoopya in hejlkj;lkjs;alkjflk lkjdlkjdl alllk LJFI someone help me please slkjdlfkjiejlij8928311111the frogs all have swords feeefse888a fel fel fel


best. comment. ever.


Maxwell's comment just made me spit on my monitor. I needed that.

What was up with Joba Chamberlain hurling 99MPH fastballs near Youkilis' head? I don't care whether or not that was intentional--it's dangerous. Glad the ump tossed him before someone got hurt.

Best part of that incident? NESN camera panning the Sox dugout and seeing Beckett shouting some "choice" words to the wunderkid. Heh. Rather sad that that was probably the brightest point of the series. I hate the Yankees so damn much.

Still, the division lead was four games when this long road trip started. Now it's five. If I think of it that way, I feel a little better.


//Best part of that incident? NESN camera panning the Sox dugout and seeing Beckett shouting some "choice" words to the wunderkid.//

i am like, doing the pee-pee dance waiting to come across video of this, because i suck at life and do not have my DVR set up yet.


OK, you guys made me laugh, which is so much better than the crying I've been trying to stave off all evening. What a forking disaster. There is nothing worse than losing to the Damn Yaks, those arrogant, 26-ring-wearing, azzhats.

I swear, if the Sox blow this, I'm un-dividing my loyalties and going back to the Os full-time. At least they can't break my heart with expectation any more.


Oh, and hey, but for the 2 little mistakes to Cano, Curt's line looked pretty good. We was pretty efficient out there (or so it appears -- how did he actually look?). I'm taking that as a good thing, and running with it.


Texas Gal has the vid, Beth, if you haven't seen it. How does she do it?

I'm surprised Sportsdesk showed that. Must be they think people can't read lips.


good on ya Josh, dropping the c-bomb. I admit I love the fire he's got. And I think it was a minor miracle that Youk made it through the entire game without being ejected.


forget about youk, i thought joshie was going to pull a trot right there, getting tossed from a game he's not playing in. the nuclear c-bomb is a rarely-invoked option.

Texas Gal

That picture of Josh is priceless. I think that is the exact same expression that was on my face during the second inning on Wednesday night.


same here! it's prob. going to bring the boston.com police down on my head again but that one was too good to resist.

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