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August 21, 2007



Big Papi, without a shadow of a doubt.

I can see the Wakefield thing - longest-serving Red Sox player etc. - but could it really be anyone other than Ortiz? I mean, he's instantly recognisable not only in Boston, but also outside of New England (and possible outside of baseball too) for all the reasons Jayson Stark outlines.

With all due respect to the other players, he IS the Red Sox.


I would add the following to Mr. Stark's blurb.

Papi is the best choice of the face of the Sox because he so perfectly embodies both personalities of the Red Sox. That goofy, fun-lovin' bunch of guys. That big smile that just makes you wanna hang out with them. You just know that hangin' out with that group would just be a whole lotta fun. Who the @#$% would wanna chill with the Yankees?

But the other side...the other face...is the one that's in the photo that you posted. That dangerous, focused, kickass face. All of a sudden you are staring at one intense beast that is going to tear you a new one.

THAT, to me, is why he's the face of the franchise. And obviously embodies it moreso than Beckett or anyone else.


Papi really is the only choice. It gets more interesting with other franchises, like choosing between Reyes and Wright for the Mets.


I don't see how it could be anyone other than David Ortiz. He's easily the most recognized Sox player, except for maybe Manny. The smile, the spit n' clap, the majestic homers...he's truly larger than life. And considering the colorful cast around him, that's saying something.

Plus, he hugs everyone. Gotta have man hugs.

maxwell horse

I've got to go with Mirabelli. The man is an institution.


Seriously, how can it even be a question? I love me some Wakefield and Beckett, being a pitching groupie, but come on. It's Papi all the way. Even the other players on the team, every time Hazel Mae asks them to name a famous person they know, say Ortiz. We're lucky to be in his orbit.


fyi amalie wrote a great blurb, also papi:

It's right there in the smile. Or, you know, those clutch home runs. David Ortiz slipped easily and quickly into the hearts of Red Sox fans, bringing them exactly what they had pined for 86 years, and he did it with a flash of those teeth and a style all his own. (Who else could pull off a suit with his initials and a scorpion drawn in sequins on the back of the jacket?) But, still, it's more than the hits (and there have been many). It's more than the timeliness of those hits. It's the charisma with which Ortiz not only plays the game, but lives his life. His is the name called from the stands. His is the jersey worn. His face, though, is not just the face of the Red Sox at this point. His face, wide and expressive and gap-toothed, rising above that everyman body, has become the face of all of baseball. And no Red Sox fan could complain about that.

you know what i love? i love how all of us know the answer to the question and it's kind of a no-brainer, but we all just want to write about how much we love big papi anyway. :)

btw, speaking of papi and man-hugs, all of you really need to read item 2 in http://www.outincenterfield.com/blog/2007/08/monday_hangover_new_england_fl.html>this post by texas gal. i know my life's a little brighter now that i've read it.

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