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August 03, 2007


RS Bat Boy

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he came early this year to Red Sox Nation!

Mark down the World Series schedule now, because guess what? Your Boston Red Sox just punched their ticket to the BIG Show!!!!!

oh and by the way.....they'e gonna win it!

2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox

...I like that, it has a nice ring to it!


awww, i appreciate your enthusiasm, but why you gotta come in here and jinx? anybody know any anti-jinx spells?

maxwell horse

Gagne first made an impression on me when the Sox played the Rangers and Dustin Pedroia had that 12 pitch at bad in which he finally homered. The expressions Gagne made during that at bat were real funny. He seemed to be enjoying himself out there.

Then I fell "in love" with Gagne (uh, totally nonsexual manly love, that is) during an earlier game a few weeks ago in which he closed against the Sox. I wrote in length about it in the comments on the Red Sox Chick's blog.

Anyway, Gagne was warming up in the bullpen, and every ump in the stadium was signalling to him that they wanted him to finish warming on the mound. And what did he do? He *ignored* them, and pretended not to hear--even though his own trainer was telling him to leave. Finally, when the ump physically marched over to the bullpen and faced Gagne directly, Gagne had the audacity to act all innocent and surprised. Then he flashed the ump a grin, before finally conceding and heading to the mound.

Frankly, after that episode, I thought that when the Sox traded for Gagne, we'd all be in store for lots of wacky John Belushi/early-Bill-Murray type of slovenly antics. However, when Gagne finally arrived and I got to see him do interviews, I was a little disappointed he didn't act like a 70's era SNL wildman I'd projected him to be--but rather seemed kind of humble and soft-spoken. Bummer for me.


maxwell, awesome comment. cool story about the bullpen warmup thing, i think i missed that game and didn't see it so i'm glad you mentioned it.

i'm coming to the conclusion lately that it's really not that different players have such different personalities but they have different abilities when it comes to being diplomatic. so in my mind it is entirely conceivable that gagne is said belushi-esque wildman; he just knows how to keep that guy hidden better in press conferences than, say, josh. so if i was you i would go on assuming that behind closed doors, gagne is exactly what you imagine. that's what i do with some of the guys, anyway.

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