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August 20, 2007



I'm not a fan of Petey either (as a nickname, not a player) - I prefer to call him Munchkin. I'm trying to get it to catch on. :)


I'll always associate Petey with Pedro as well. I call Pedroia the oh-so original "shorty" most of the time. Or Dusty, because he loves to get that uniform dirty.

Cash did a really good job behind the plate after the first inning. It can't be easy to catch Wakefield, especially with the way his knuckler was dancing tonight. Cash even drew a walk against THE KAZMIR, which was a miracle in itself. Yeah, he can stay, at least for now.

Wakefield can stay too, for that matter. I just love watching him when he's on, which he apparently always is at the Trop.


For me Dustin Pedroia is Pedro, because that's what he was called at ASU when I first heard of him (also when I first saw him, but I'd be lying if I said I had any specific memories of that game). This works fine since, as you note, Pedro Martinez is Petey.

Pedro Martinez = Petey
Dustin Pedroia = Pedro

It's really pretty simple.

And I am not so broken up about the thought of the end of the Mirabelli era, either, I confess.

Texas Gal

I call him "Dusty P" - and my friend Kat calls him the even simpler "Lil' DP".

I'm still partial to Dusty, though- because he's just so cute, he looks like a Dusty.


my fiancee has taken to calling him "dustin" with a heavy french-type accent, so it actually sounds like doo-stehn. that's the most workable one i've found so far. he is very hard to nickname.


For me, it's "Petey" if I'm not thinking (but I agree - that's Pedro Martinez), "Dusty" when I am thinking and if he does something really great - it's "Scrappy-Doo!".
Mostly because I love that he looks like a little kid compared to everyone else, and that he's just so gosh-darn awe-shucks happy to be here and tries to hard to be constantly contributing.
Nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings for Scrappy-Doo!

Texas Gal

OK- Scrappy Doo? That's a great nickname.


sometimes i wonder how dustin himself would feel about the diminuitive nicknames. it's not like he doesn't know he's little, and it's not like physical attributes / stature don't get turned into nicknames all the time, i.e. "big papi". but i also get the sense that being short *has* been a real obstacle for him (in terms of other people's perceptions), and there is a LOT to appreciate about him as a player other than "how well he plays despite his size". like, there are some other guys who would be a novelty just for that, but i feel like dustin's ability is greater. i don't even know if i'm making sense, and i've actually started writing about this like six times now in comments and posts and always erased it b/c i'm afraid it makes me look like a party-pooping PC douchebag (which is really, REALLY not how i mean it), and obvi dustin pedroia / any red sox player doesn't give a fuck about our nicknames for him out here in fan-land. but there ya have it.

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