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August 23, 2007


Texas Gal

Me, too! We thought the guy had gotten in a fight- all I saw was the full-on body tackle of the security guy.


A ground ball can go under his glove and it's still going to hit him in the cup.

OK, add Papi to the "People Who Should Totally Have Their Own Show On NESN" list.


The Papi-about-Pedroia quote? You need a food & beverage hazard disclaimer on that. It was either drown on a mouthful of water or spit it out all over my desk. =P

I am scared of the words "no timetable" and the prospect of an indefinite Pedroia-less line up... (Add to the list of things I never would have believed I'd say in April.)

Richard Gadsden

LOB: That's what you get when you have lots of OBP and not all that much SLG; lots of LOB.

There's only one way to clear the bases: hit a homer. And the Sox are in the bottom third of the league for their percentage of runs scored on homes.

maxwell horse

This game renewed my hatred for Ken Ryan as analyst, and his sleazy used-car salesman presence. Does a friggin' computer write his dialogue? In the post-show he kept repeating the same idiocy. "Sometimes you've got to tip your cap to the other team. The Tampa pitching staff did an excellent job. They made the pitches when they needed to."

Uh, no they weren't excellent. They were mediocre as hell, and they can't be given credit for the fact that the Red Sox are pathetic when it comes to batting runners home. The game that Daisuke pitched against Felix Hernandez? Okay, THAT was a game where you've "just got to tip your cap" to the opposing pitcher. This game, no. You imbecile.

Also, folks, watch for this. The next time Ken Ryan is doing the co-anchor job, and they have to talk about a Red Sox batter who is doing really well at the plate, Ken Ryan will use these exact words. "...spraying the ball to all fields. Left field. Right Field. Up the middle." It won't even matter if it's not true. Even if said hot batter is pulling every friggin' pitch, Ryan will say he's "spraying" the ball to all fields. And then he'll name the 3 fields to kill time. I'm suprised he hasn't resorted to naming those in-between fields like Left-Center.


you made it through the postgame show last night? you're a better man than i. i didn't even watch it--just clicked off the TV in disgust as soon as the final out landed in the glove. :-)

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