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August 19, 2007



Great entry. And great photos too, especially the ones of His Joshness. And the gratuitous shot of Varitek's posterior made me laugh. That wasn't intentional at all, was it? :)

You're going to love Buchholz I'm sure, though your description of him is completely apt; I still can't believe he's 23. But he has a nasty changeup and despite his gawky teenager body, he looked good out there. I'm anxious to see more of him.

As for the Red Sox at large, I'm oddly not at all rattled by a lead of "only" four games, even with Monsieur Gagne and Old Man Curt doing little to inspire confidence. I can't explain it. Ask me again after the next Yankees series and I might say something different, though. Hehe.


ha ha, His Joshness. i'm gonna start using that. thanks for your kind comments as always, mouse.


I do have to admit that I also got a kind of shameful joy out of seeing Vlad play live. It's so hard to NOT enjoy watching him play baseball, even when he's beating up on your team. Maybe that would be different if he was on a more hated team, but who knows.

I def. agree with the old and new fans thing. It happened with the Tigers too. Old Tigers fans still believe, on some disturbed level, that 2003 is right around the corner. New Tigers fans believe the team can do no wrong because of last year. And it's the same with Sox fans. I can only assume that losing for so many years warps your brain in some way, and if you come in on a winning year, you avoid that mental damage.

Kristin L.

Whew - that must have taken some time to write. You are a better woman than I. I thought the same things about Josh's presence when I saw him pitch in person last year. He is a force or nature.

I also second the Vlad Love. He's my Angels Boyfriend. I don't have one on every team yet, but I'm working on it. (And by then, my husband will be initiating divorce proceedings.)

Texas Gal

I am now sorely disappointed I missed out on the opportunity of running into you at the park on Friday night! I was there for both games of the doubleheader, and again on Saturday- and your disciplined recounting of your games is now my inspiration to finish my own.

Bucky looked great during the day set (and, of course, Papyboo as well). It's funny to hear you say that about Josh, because that's so true. I remember thinking, "Huh. No tantrums. No fist pumping. He even trimmed his facial hair way back." The dip can was in full effect, though. And that pointed one-out finger was definitely no accident (and I might have even seen him do it again later... or maybe that's two games worth of beer messing with my memory).

And now I'm going to go through each and every one of your game photos- mostly because you were way smarter than me and did some bullpen stalking, while I just sat in my stupid seats watching warmups.


awww, weak. i wish i'd known! but it was short notice i was going to the game. lucky you! you got to see the buchholz!

thanks for backing me up on the one-out thing. that sixth inning was def worth the price of admission.

Texas Gal

I thought everyone was in for another Mother's Day-type comeback. Curses, Gagne! (I know you heart him, so I won't be too harsh)

Speaking of, he is so cute and cuddly and crazy, I wanted so much to love him- but he had two big strikes against him almost from the get-go: (1) he sent away Kason, (2) he started stinking. I'm not gonna boo him, but like I am with the entire Phillies bullpen, I am probably gonna end up love-hating him.

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