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August 23, 2007



I'm feeling your pain. I came home, expecting to kick my feet up and watch Joshie dominate the hapless White Sox. I've been looking forward to this all bloody week. All I see ... the damn freaking tarp on the field. And now, the game's expected to start at 10:30 pm. Grr!


Sorry to comment again: here's a link to brighten up your evening until the game starts. Papelbon doing his thing on the Friendly's scoop, this time with Mike Lowell:

- Lowell naming Cinco Ocho as the sexiest pitcher
- Lowell naming Alex Cora as sexiest position player because of his "latin flavor " and "mysterious eyes"
- Papelbon making an appeal to management to keep Lowell around
- Lowell talking about being one of People in Espanol's sexiest people alive and how he raised the bar for that magazine

How much more begging to we have to do to get Papelbon his own nighttime show?


i...i love you. thank you for that. "i looked muy sexy there..." unf. love mike lowell.

as for nighttime show, that'd be nice, but i'll settle at this point simply for josh beckett to finally make an appearance opposite jonathan on the Scoop. seriously, the last time they showed 30 seconds of them together it was among the most classic bits of red sox -related television i've seen (the "inphatic" vs. "emphatic" debate).

my man mikey, cinco ocho, we're out!!

maxwell horse

Look on the bright side. Sox Appeal is on!

Texas Gal

Not as much as me- I was at the Cell, waiting out the rain delay for almost three hours. THREE HOURS!

They did keep serving beer, though. That was nice.

And now it's an effin' doubleheader tomorrow. Two Fridays in a row with doubleheader games is too much. (who am I kidding- I can never have too much baseball)


The rainout sucks, but ends up working out good for me - they're gonna play at 8pm CET today. I promise I'll keep a watchful eye on young Joshie for you, Beth.


How much more begging to we have to do to get Papelbon his own nighttime show?

Just watched the Lowell clip and I would like know the same thing. I'm willing to sleep with whomever it takes to make this happen...;-)

Also: Mike Lowell? The King of Snark. Awesome.


I second all of Iain's comments. I think my favorite part of the whole Scoop was when Lowell named Papelbon TWICE as the sexiest pitcher and Jonathan just didn't get it and looked completely flustered. Followed by the famous Mike Lowell eye-roll ...
Snarks all around!


I love how EVERY time Paps says that lowell was in people's magazine, he screws up the title of it. And Lowell DEFINATELY raises the standards!


I knew there was a reason I liked Mike Lowell. That clip should be a Red Sox classic for years to come.

...i'll settle at this point simply for josh beckett to finally make an appearance opposite jonathan on the Scoop.

I badly want to see this too, but the question is, could the TV handle having that much, uh..."personality" on screen at once for more than a few seconds?


Mike Lowell is never going to call me.

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