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August 09, 2007



This fan "from away" would just like to say: great post. As you well know, I've adopted the region, but I will never be able to feel that The two things, my love for the Red Sox and my love for the place I come from, are inextricable from one another.


I am *so* glad you posted this. I paid minimal attention to Bonds. Even less to A-Rod. But I watched that game Glavine pitched. I'm not a Mets fan, but I *am* a fan of the game. That was a moment worth celebration, because it truly is an amazing feat. Fittingly, when you look at the cast of characters, the home run record seems very... selfish. It's one guy in the spotlight, and it doesn't even matter, ultimately, if the team wins or loses -- the home run still coumts. 300 wins for a pitcher though? I think that is so much more difficult to achieve. Unlike racking up home runs, a pitcher can take the mound on any given start, pitch a gem, and still lose if his team doesn't hit or plays sloppy defense. To reach 300 wins when it's not *just* about you, and how *you* play, to me, is mind-boggling. Tom Glavine is the last of a rapidly fading era of pitchers, that I am thankful still existed during my lifetime, and it was sheer delight to see the wonder of what he has accomplished.


I watched that game from 2004 last night too, and it gave me chills as well. Knowing what was to come soon after, and wondering if we'll ever see that Curt Schilling again, was a strange experience. Great post.


Since you said it was a requirement to repeat any personal connection to Glavine...

My uncle was his high school German teacher at Billerica High. In fact, my uncle is still there.


Oh wow, the Thanksgiving game from sophomore year! I vividly remember that. People on both sides of the field cheered when they announced he was there.

I too watched Glavine's 300-win game. After the sour taste of all the hoopla around Bonds, it was refreshing to have the weekend end with such a good thing. It is a pity such an achievement was overshadowed because it shared its weekend with Bonds. And I couldn't agree more with your comments about such a record for a pitcher compared to more personal achievements like HRs. I think I agree with the "experts" who believe he will be the last one to join the 300 win club. It would certainly be fitting for him to be the final member.

sam b.

What a game that was...living in London these days, it's the only one I went to that year. 4 rows behind the Sox dugout, caught a ball for my mother, and even got the reciprocal chest pound from Manny as he went down the steps after a, yes, dare I say, great catch in left.

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