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August 05, 2007


maxwell horse

Great post. Yeah, the Coco thing was funny, but can you imagine if he'd actually gotten hurt? I know I would personally be livid. Even as it is, I wouldn't be surprised if the guy in the moose costume got fired after the game--or at least chastised.

A couple random comments: In the NESN preshow, they always have a little montage to highlight a specific player, often the pitcher of the day's game. Today it was, of course, Josh. And it was pretty funny, because instead of showing a montage of him striking batters out, they showed a collection of his insane rages.

Ken Ryan: I've decided he's my least favorite of the guest co-hosts. Not only did he call Okajima "Iwo Jima" a couple days ago, but he's the only one of the co-hosts that for some reason, comes off as kind of sleazy. Just something about the way he talks.

maxwell horse

"Luckily NESN helped me split the difference with a brilliant montage of all the other times Joshie's flipped out this season set to Korn's "Blind" pre-game."

Oh, Jesus, where's that edit comment button? I swear to God, that sentence must have magically appeared 5 seconds after I posted my idiocy.

Well, at least my observation that Ken Ryan is sleazy was something new.


My own personal take on the Papi steal was that Jose Vidro was busy adjusting his pretty much guaranteed-to-be-borrowed glove, and thus forgot to cover 2nd. Thus Jamie Burke's throw (which, in fairness, could've been a decent one) went screaming out into the night (if by night I mean CF).

Nailed it on Beckett vs. Adam Jones, though the low and extremely hot heat he got Beltre to swing on to end the 5th? 6th? has to be right up there as well.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Yeah, I might have laughed my ass off during that game. What was Manny doing with the bull imitation? As Orsillo said, it had to have been planned, there were too many people involved and they pulled it off too smoothly for it to be truly spur of the moment...and I gotta say, I LOVE the idea of Manny sitting around planning his next homerun celebration, it's very Chad Johnson-ian.


This post is a hilarious recap of a pretty hilarious game. Manny, the mascot, Farrell going postal, Coco fearing for his life, Beckett dealing...what better way to spend a Sunday?

I feel like a fool for missing NESN's pregame Beckett montage. Sucks to be me.

Dustin Pedroia can stay.

Understatement of the season. Pedroia's rapidly become one of my favorite players. Between his talent, his Napoleon complex, and the fact that he's just plain adorable, how can you not love him?


//Oh, Jesus, where's that edit comment button? I swear to God, that sentence must have magically appeared 5 seconds after I posted my idiocy.//

there definitely should be one! but no worries, if i'd missed it i'd have wanted you to tell me. it was an awesome montage, wasn't it?

haven't been paying attention to ken ryan really...i'll take your word for it.

QuoSF, thanks for the reminder on Vidro. i knew it prob. wasn't batista but wasn't sure.

//What was Manny doing with the bull imitation?//

just being fantastic, i would say.

mouse, you and i seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to players!

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