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September 01, 2007



What a great photo! Who can resist some Ortizy love? I think that Papi needs to go give every member of Red Sox Nation a hug like that - just to soothe the savage beast.


aww, that is precious.
And I'm actually feeling hopeful about the callups--Buchholz and Ellsbury at least could be of help. And if I don't have to look at Drew for awhile (is he on the DL yet?), so much the better.

maxwell horse

That's possibly the best photo from the Red Sox season so far. Ortiz looks like he's Beckett's 4-year-old son.

Amidst the pain of last night's game were a few cool moments. One of them was somewhere around the 7th inning. While the Sox were staging a mild comeback, one of the Sox batters (I can't be bothered to remember who) hit a pop-up foul ball. Someone (not Kevin Millar) went into the stands to catch it. However, he didn't catch it because I guess one of the fans knocked it out of his glove. No interference called because the play happened within the stands.

But that's not the cool part. The cool part was Kevin Millar, who also had run over toward the play. When it was over, he sort of hung around the crowd for a couple additional seconds, interacting with the fans. And then he did a fist-pound with (I assume) the guy who'd knocked the ball out of the Orioles glove. Bizarre. I wonder if the Orioles players noticed or minded him doing that.


I'm 99% sure that's a photo from the Herald, as I have it saved on my computer as well. (I'm not sure who actually took it, though, and I don't much feel like sorting through the 1,000+ images in their 2007 Sox gallery to find out.) Definitely one of my favorite images of the season to date. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

I was glad the Sox at least showed some fight last night, even though the late rally came up short. Nothing to do except hope for a better result tonight.


Something tells me you're about to add a binky to the stable ...

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