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September 12, 2007


Jamie (Jameros)

Until (if ever) BB actually comes out and says they videotaped for reasons A, B, and C, we'll never really know what the deal is. Shaun Salisbury and Mike Golic during NFL Live pretty much echoed every point I made in the comment on Beth's last story and said that this isn't a big deal. They said that the Pats can't really gain a competitive advantage with this and basically the only difference from them and any other team was how they did it, and the fact that they got caught. However, they also said that whatever penalty comes down will probably be severe. Anyone remember the Miami incident from last year? The players basically came out and said the figured out audibles by listening to audio, which is technically illegal. One big difference here is that it's the Patriots and they are a successful team. What I'm more worried about is the distraction this is causing with the Pats toughest opponent, aside from Indy, coming to Foxboro this week.

*On a side note, I haven't been compelled to write an article on this because Beth is doing a FANTASTIC job covering this story, so big time kudos to her. Excellent, excellent job.


The Pats broke the rules by having someone from their organization tape the game with their video camera.

So far EVERYONE is speculating as to what was taped.

It could have been signals as believed to be done in the past.

Obviously it is bad enough where Goodell has not come out to say that it was ONLY taping the game as a violation. Their has to be more to it.

But until Goodell speaks we can only wonder about how bad it could be.


Is there any doubt whatsoever that every team in the NFL tapes the other teams signals? Only if you are naive.

The Miami Dolphins LB received major kudos for listening to audio tapes of the patriots QB calling audibles.

Bo Vandy

Okay, so your excuses are that cheating isn't that big a deal, and everyone else does it.

When the hell did "everyone else does it" become an excuse for illegal or immoral actions? Lots of other people cheat on their wives, should I go out and nail the next piece of tail that comes my way? Do you think the wife would accept "but honey! everyone else does it!?"

And you'll pardon me if two guys on a network based in the New England area saying it's not a big deal doesn't carry much water with me.


Green dots on the back of all helmets. Round of drinks for everybody!

Tony Uminski

can't condone cheating. however, if having a guy on the sideline videotaping the opponent's coaches is the problem, what keeps a team from taping the guys from the press box or the stands?

are the football signals that complex? baseball coaches send signals all night long...where is the controversy here other than it's a league rule and the pats didn't follow it?


I'm a Jet fan and season ticket-holder, and admire the perspective you've provided on your blog - I saw your comment on NYJets Blog, and agree that your position was misrepresented.

This may or may not be surprising, but I've been a longtime admirer of Bill Belichick as a football coach, dating back to his days as Giants defco. He's always struck me as something of a jerk, too tightly wound even for an NFL coach, but his football mind was and is clearly brilliant. That's why I'm so disgusted by this situation.

Look, there's nothing wrong with being smart and being competitive; there's a huge problem with out-and-out cheating, which is what this was. I've heard the laundry list of excuses from Patriots fans - "it wasn't a big advantage" (then why do it?), "they'd have beaten the Jets anyway" (can't argue with that. The Jets stunk on Sunday), "everybody does it" (maybe, but only the Patriots have been caught, and evidently more than once), "it's just like stealing signals in baseball" (no, it isn't. It's one thing when you have a wily old third base coach who discerns the signs, it's another when you have a systemic, technologically-aided, organizationally sanctioned process of so doing in direct violation of a well-known NFL rule).

I'm sorry, I think this does taint both Belichick and the Patriots, which I think is sad. Bottom line, I think they've earned their success, but there will always be some question, and the reason for that is that Bill Belichick, at some level, felt like he had to cheat to enhance his chances of winning. He's never been able to handle losing with any degree of grace, and now he's endangered his legacy, and his team's, by taking what was either an incredibly stupid or unbelievably arrogant chance by breaking the rules.

As far as I'm concerned, he's Barry Bonds in a hoodie. And as Patriot fans, it seems to me that you should be p***ed off at him rather than making excuses for his actions. He's made America wonder whether the success of what we thought was the best franchise in sports (and I think probably is) was facilitated by cheating, and he just didn't have to do that.


dan, you and i 99.9% agree (maybe this is just my homerism finally coming to the fore, but i just can't agree with the barry bonds comparison). who knew i'd ever feel that way about a jets fan? cats and dogs, living together. :)


Losing the 1st rounder hurts!!!

Jamie (Jameros)

If folks think that I'm not pissed off over this ridiculousness, then I haven't been clear. I am EXTREMELY pissed off over this foolish action only because it taints (not in my eyes, but seemingly in the media) what the Patriots have been able to accomplish.

My whole point has been that this was not giving the Pats an advantage. This point has been echoed by every former player that I've seen discuss this situation, namely on NFL Live on ESPN. However, when you watch the shows that have journalists on as commentators, then this is the worst thing since Michael Vick. I'll place my trust in guys that have strapped on the pads over journalists and their need to further a story and make it more scandalous any day. This was just a stupid, unnecessary thing and I think that BB buys into his hype too much sometimes, and thinks he's smarter than everyone else 100% of the time.

Tanning Lotion

What can he really say after that. Gee, I got caught? It will be interesting to see how good the Pats are now. This will tell if the past was a cheat or were they for real.

tony uminski

didn;t mean to imply i was making excuses, it does bug me that this puts a stain on their accomplishments. however, i also bugs me that the eagles are suggesting the pats beat them the same way in the super bowl.

come on...they say, "well, the pats sure threw a lot of screens that day.: hell, anyone who ever played stratomatic football knows you screen when the other guy blitzes every down...

bottom line, even with the advantage, brady had to make the plays.

just wish BB could have used better judgement.

and if you think this goes way back, why haven't we heard anything from weis, crenel, huard, mcginst et al as they joined other teams? every coach, player, waterboy would have to be in on this.

not their proudest moment for sure. but the taint shouldn't run too deep or too far in the past.


i have to call out the reporters going and interviewing those guys on the eagles, steelers, etc. about this situation. they are piling on with completely uninformed speculation, and are biased quotes to begin with. wtf does anyone EXPECT them to say?! totally crappy journalism that does NOTHING to add to the story.

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