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September 16, 2007



Oh boo hoo. I'm a lowly Boston fan writing about all the bad things those big bad Yankees do. Ha ha, Joba dropped a ball. So funny. Also so funny how he struck out three in 2 innings last night. Also so funny how 6 runs were scored to ruin the "Sawx" night on Friday. Histerical that bloody ankle Schilling couldn't hold on just a little longer. Maybe he should request that sock back from the Hall. Also quite funny how the Yanks lead the season series 10-8, have won 8 of the last 10 meetings, swept the Sox two weeks ago and now took two of three at home. Oh boo hoo. Note to the cheater, ahem, I mean genius Billy, give the rest of the league their chances back.


inventive comment and username! truly i have never heard their like before.

brilliant timing as well. maybe i'd have given you some credit if you'd had the stones to be posting this in april / may, but now? sucks for your team that even when they win, their fans can't show even the slightest bit of intelligence and that much-vaunted Yankee "class" about it.

btw, i've had several very civil and productive conversations with yankees fans about the series already today. and for my red sox fan brethren, there *are* intelligent yankees followers out there, unlike the one above--unfortunately they're routinely embarrassed by comments like that one from their fellow "fans".

maxwell horse

Ummm...dude why did you post here? Your post paints a picture of an impotent Yankee fan who walked away from last night's game full of victory-induced adrenaline and a rock-hard erection. And after frantically searching for some drunk college chick to nail so you could relieve your beer-fueled rage/euphoria to no avail, you manically went to Google to look for a Red Sox blog--any blog--on which to splooge all your pent up aggression.

As Beth says, classy. But hey, it's not all bad. You're obviously an excellent writer. So while it's true you were trolling, at least you still managed to write an excellent post, representing Yankee fans everywhere as well-spoken and articulate.

(P.S. That last sentence was sarcasm. You're a big dope.)


So it's true...the 26-time champs things DOES hurt even more the 10,000th time.

You know we didn't have Manny in the lineup, right? Like...the last two series against NY basically? And that when we did in the first game, he took Pettitte deep?

That said, I do still feel fairly crap after losing 2 of 3 when they should have won 2 of 3 and put the division away. But WAY, WAY better than I would have felt if Josh hadn't saved me from despair on Saturday.


Ah, to clarify: when we had Manny in the lineup at the beginning of the last series in NY, that is.


I love how all of you act too cool for the trolls, but spend time crafting calculated yet still not-witty responses to them. You are pwned, historically and presently.


hmm. so red sox fans responding to sore-winner yankees trolls on a RED SOX BLOG is somehow a moral victory for yankees fans? guess you have to take it where you can get it.

anyway, all of this has been great fun, but let's just nip this in the bud. now that you've gotten your warmups in here, my MFY troll friends, my suggestion would be to go out there and find someone to try to get a rise out of who hasn't been around this block before concerning MUCH bigger series while hearing MUCH worse from more articulate MFY trolls than any of you have been today.

to that end, any further yankees trollery on this blog will be bahleeted. really, i'm only looking out for you guys--got to keep those troll skills sharp, and frankly, you guys seem to be a little out of shape after apparently hiding under rocks for the last six months.




Serious reading to catch up on, since I was out and about all day yesterday. I ended up listening to the Sunday game on the radio (with the Yankees feed...ugh), and I'm oddly not that bothered by losing two of three this weekend. Maybe it's because of Saturday.

Seriously, I could go on and on about Saturday's game. Hinske barreling over Posada, Torre using five (!) pitchers in one inning, a little bit of batter plunking, a fun route after a devastating loss...it had a little bit of everything.

On Beckett, I'm not nearly as eloquent as you are. I keep thinking about his performance and all I can do is smile and repeat, "Holy hell was he awesome!!" And after Friday's debacle, it was even better to see. Not to mention a huge relief.


Great post as usual! Love Beckett for all that he did on Saturday to pull the team up by their britches and show us what they are really made of. I hope that Saturday's team is the one that shows up consistently during the playoffs.

Beth - you're going to have to share with all of us which show you saw Joshie scaring that little kid. Would be priceless to see. You can't be holding out on that kind of valuable information from your dedicated readers!


oh, whoops! it was on red sox report.

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