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September 15, 2007


maxwell horse

I know everyone will want to blame Okajima for last night. But WTF was Varitek thinking? Oki throws an 88 mph fastball and that's pretty much ALL Tek was calling for. Literally, I think Oki might've thrown one curve in his entire appearance. And maybe one of his trademark split/changes. I'm starting to seriously doubt all the praise Tek gets all the time for his supposed brilliant pitch-calling. (It's also easier for me to throw Tek under the bus for his pitch-calling decisions when he seems to strike out in every at bat. I know those two are totally unrelated things, but I don't care.)

And goddamnit, what was Tito doing going to Okajima in the first place with a 5-run lead? And mother*%$!, why didn't Tito use any consideration or logic when it came to Oki's usage this year? Now we're getting towards the playoffs and it's clear that Oki if friggin' toast.

No doubt about it, last night was the worst loss. I don't mean of the Red Sox 2007 season, but worst lost ever. Worst in baseball. Worst in the history of competitive sports. Last night was the worst loss ever in the entire history of all human-based conflicts. And I'm including wars in that group.


Paps clearly was not warmed up in when he came in. I blame Francona for that. I've never understood major league managers penchant for changing something that is working. Lopez was looking fine, so why not leave him in against the lefties coming up. If he falters, then go to the next lefty.


The whole management of the bullpen in the later innings is still baffling me, even after a fitful night's sleep. I don't understand why Gagne wasn't warming up side-by-side with Paps and used in the 8th. And I never thought I would see the day that a 5 run lead wouldn't be preserved by Oki and Paps. It's like the whole world turned upside-down.
I'm seconding Beth's plea to Joshie. If we ever could use a victory, it's today. What a waste of a fine performance by Dice-K.


Shocking. I am shocked. And I try not to question Tito, but the bullpen management last night did baffle me. I'm concerned about the Oki situation and have been for awhile, but bringing Paps in in the 8th with no outs seems to defy logic. When I saw that no one else was warming, I got that bad, sinking feeling.
Joshie, save us.


God...the heat I'm gonna get from my Yankee fan friends. I was listening to the radio broadcast...and...

There's nothing more I can add to this that hasn't already been said above. Bringing Papelbon in the eighth...well it seemed like desperation, didn't it? And that's what kinda concerns me. It was like a panic call.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! It's all coming apart! GIMME PAPELBON GIMME PAPELBON!!!" At that point, I got a feeling similar to the one I had when Grady Little walked off the mound with Pedro still standing there. Just an entire wash of "wrong call" over the entirety of me.


//Last night was the worst loss ever in the entire history of all human-based conflicts. And I'm including wars in that group//

maxwell - have you already forgotten Grenada?


I try to focus on the good that came out of last night; Matsuzaka, the offense (which is surprisingly hanging in there without Manny), Timlin & Lopez, continued signs of life from Drew. It makes me feel better.

But yes, last night was the very definition of an agonizing, gut-punch loss, and of course everything is magnified when it's against the Yankees. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw that flat Papelbon splitter float up to the plate to Abreu. Two seconds later the game was tied, and then five seconds after that, the enemy had the lead. Going to take a few days to repress this memory.

I feel like Princess Leia at the moment, wanting to shout out repeatedly, "Help us, Obi Wan Beckett! You're our only hope!" [Sigh]


It suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked!

Can we win today, please? I feel like sh*t today.


Actually, I'm starting to feel...legitimately excited about this game. Damn it.

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