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September 04, 2007


Texas Gal

Your dad and I should hang, because Jacoby has been my third favorite Red Sox player since spring training... and he wasn't even on the 25-man. I forced the other Ladies... to let me name him our official blog mascot back in April or May. In Pawtucket, the kids in the crowd treat him like a rock star. And tonight I finally saw a little bit of swagger as well. The swagger looks good on Jacoby.

Seriously- all three of my favorite guys were effin' amazing tonight. And that post-game press conference was brilliant. We got SMILEY JOSH. What's more, SMILEY JOSH TALKING ABOUT PAPYBOO. That never happens.

Texas Gal

Also, I don't know what I'd do without your post-game writeups. They're the highlight of gamedays.

What would it cost me to get you to watch and write up Phillies and Cubs games? Yeah, I know- never gonna happen. But a girl can dream!


The DVR thing is weird. I definitely feel odd watching the game not live - when I cheer m'boys on, it's strange to realize that they've already done whatever they're going to do. I mostly use it to a) record things that compete; and b) record the game when I feel that I should not be tied to my couch by the Red Sox schedule (namely when one of my friends successfully guilts me about it). It is awfully handy for those things, though - and because you can rewind and watch your favorite moments. :)

maxwell horse

Great post. I'm always in awe of the fact that you often get them up so quickly after the game has ended. And they aren't little dinky 1-paragraph posts that merely recap the game (like a lot of bloggers do), but relatively lengthy nicely-written pieces.


This was quite a night. After all these months of waiting, we FINALLY get to hear Beckett throw a zinger at Papelbon. I just about died.

There was also the first instance I can recall of Beckett losing his "game face" before he was finished pitching. NESN had a shot of him sitting in the dugout in the 7th (I think) and he was actually smiling, rather than sporting that usual glare/scowl of his. I wasn't expecting to see that. Was there a full moon tonight, or has Josh's body been invaded by an alien? Or maybe he let down his guard because it's September and the Red Sox have a 99% chance of making the playoffs. That thought certainly puts me at ease.

It was also funny to listen to Beckett talk about mentoring the young(er) pitchers like Buchholz and Lester during his PC. He's 27 and he's one of the veterans on this pitching staff! It's so weird. Have the Red Sox ever had this many young pitchers on the team all at once?

I feel conflicted about liking Ellsbury (which I do, a lot), because I'm also a Coco Crisp fan, and I don't see how both of them can stay with the team long term. I'm glad it's not my decision to make, that's for sure.


thanks for the kind comments, guys. glad someone wants to read my blather! maxwell, the secret is that i type ultra-fast...not kidding!

anyway, since I'm a DVR n00b i somehow didn't get it to record the press conf. am going to try to dig it up online, if they broadcast it NESN should have it...right...?


Fabulous post, Beth! I was at the game last night and it was sizzling at Fenway. Beckett had it all going on last night (exception being that high change-up to Stairs) - even during warm-ups, he had the smirk on his face. I was down at field level, in right field while he was taking his warm-up pitches. And does that boy throw hard or what? I felt a little sorry for the guy playing catch with him.

Helpful hint for the DVR newbie - when you go to tape a show, set it to start 1 minute early (particularly on NESN) and to stop 3 hours later. You should be able to do this in the show record settings. That will allow you to catch the post-game (generally) in the same taping as the game itself. I've learned this the hard way. Good luck!

NESN doesn't appear to have the Beckett PC up, but as always, Texas Gal comes through and has it posted on her site. I don't know that I can get used to this smiling Beckett ...


I think the very best part of that Beckett comment is that Paps is from Louisiana.


that's what i thought but wasn't sure. i bet that really pissed pappy off. :)

Texas Gal

Nah- he went to college in Mississippi, and I think his wife is from there. And to a Texas guy who grew up on the Gulf Coast, being from Mississippi is way worse than being from Louisiana.

I'm guessing Papyboo maybe self-identifies with Mississippi, since he went to school there? I'd bet a lot of the guys do that.


You are an excellent writer, and I agree that the Web contact during the game triples the fun.

I think this is the second time I've seen this site, and now I am adding it to Favorites.


I don't even have cable, much less TIVO -- I listen to the games on the radio and read whatever I can find. Thanks so much for all the clips and bits you guys include in your posts, I love them!

(no I'm no luddite, either, but I miss Friday Night Baseball, damnit)

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