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September 13, 2007



We were there too (infield grandstand makeshift standing-room style), and--wow, you said it. Once Lugo took base in the ninth I felt like we had a chance to tie it up, since our guys have been able to get to Reyes in the past, and when Papi came up I was thinking that if he could get Lugo over to, say, third, we'd probably tie it up. And then when the count went to three and one, and that ball left the bat--well, now I know what it sounds like when 37,000 people hold their breath.

It was like church. With more beer and screaming.

Our Papi loves us.



They're fun, huh?

(I'm so glad you got to see this in the middle of a pennant race, the drama that much more heightened.)


There is nothing like an Ortiz walkoff. Watching on TV, I was at first certain it'd be a flyout, since he hit it to the deepest part of the park. But then it bounced off a fan in the first row, and I must've jumped ten feet. I'll never get tired of that feeling.

The best part? Seeing Papi's massive grin as he jumped into his awaiting mosh pit. He's been so strangely "anti-clutch" this year in the late innings, and it's obviously been wearing on him; everything I've read indicates that he feels it's his duty to deliver in those big spots. I think he was as happy about that homer as the fans and his teammates were.

Speaking of which, I love how those kinds of moments bring out the inner child in every one of the players. Like with Buchholz's no-no and the Mother's Day Miracle, the rest of the team couldn't stream out of the dugout fast enough, and they're all grinning and hollering like schoolboys. That sight never gets old either.


I know what you mean. I watched that game with complete resignation. It felt like a loos before we finished the top of the first. As much as I hate being down, going into the bottom of the ninth, though, it's well worth a Papi walkoff.

I predicted it before it happened. I said to the person I was watching with... or more, under my breath to myself, and to Papi, I guess: "C'mon, Papi... give us just one walkoff this year..."

And wouldn't you know it. =)


dawn, it's interesting also to note that you and i both had the same mentality last night, and both of us are depressed pats fans. i think there's a connection to that too, because as silly as it may sound, the pats have REALLY been getting me down this week.

Texas Gal

On TV, when the ball first left the bat you could see Papi mouthing, "Stay foul, you son of a bitch, stay foul..."

And then everything changed and he broke into a giant Papi grin.

It was heavenly.

Texas Gal

Ah- and I'm not a Pats fan (Cowboys fan, sorry!), so that may have accounted for why I devolved into a sappy mess after last night's game.


But with a 3-1 count, I thought to myself, he would probably feel he had to groove one to avoid a walk and two men on with nobody out.

Just a small note of accuracy, it woulda been 2 men on with 1 out (Pedroia). Otherwise, yeah, I was in Section 42 and we could see it falling towards us and I had the same problem the outfielder had. We couldn't decide if he was deep enough and whether he was going to need to move right or left to catch it. It was almost impossibly straight down and drifting like crazy in the corner winds. He definitely had a play on the ball, but when it fell 3 feet to his side, we could all see it out there smack a fan's hand and then the top of the wall! Homerun!

I think the entire stadium was just willing it over the wall. It was awesome.

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