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October 14, 2007



When the camera showed Gagne walking in they went to commercial after the 10th I went to bed. No reason to stay up when you know the ending. And we all knew that ending.

maxwell horse

"We can be quiet and civilized as we make this transition. But it is for certain that he should leave now."

This would be a lovely option if we lived in a logical world. Unfortunately, they are going to keep trotting him out there again and again. It defied all logic for him to even BE on this post-season roster in the first place, when Tavarez would've been much more helpful in games such as last night. And yet, Gagne magically found himself on the post-season roster.

I've come to think of Theo Epstein as a George Bush type. He will still hold the same beliefs on Wednesday as he did on Monday, regardless of what happened Tuesday. If by some miracle the Sox make the World Series, I think we can count on seeing Gagne on that roster too. Hell, they'll probably have him closing out Game 7 in lieu of Papelbon.

They will keep bringing in Gagne again and again until there is nothing left to play for.


I share your unreasonable and perhaps unjustified affection for the guy, but I think it's often overlooked that the move to get him was exactly the right move. And it's true that:
It's not just that Gagne's so bad, but that he's taking up a spot on our roster we might have filled with a more effective pitcher
... but the real problem is that I don't think we have that pitcher in the first place. Folks cite Tavarez as the guy they want; well, I think there's a reason that in his time here he's been a decent low-rotation starter but a total crapshoot out of the 'pen. Since the end of July, he was good against Tampa and in one game against LAA--otherwise, not so much. Snyder wasn't the answer either. If I could convince Gagne to suffer an injury right now and make room for Bryan Corey, I'd do it, but I would certainly have chosen him and the possibility that he'd get past the yips over Tavarez.

(I assume it's the yips. What else could it be? Friday night was incredible--he had it, and then it was gone, and I was amazed he held on. On the way home from the park someone asked me what the final score was and I had to confess that I thought it was 10-3 but that I might possibly have mentally blocked out a Gagne run!)


I complained, here in this blog, when they made the trade for Gagne. I thought it was a short-sighted move, and I'm sorry I've been proven correct. I'm willing to bet he's injured too, and just is too f---ing selfish to admit it.

As for the Sox, was it the 7th or 8th inning, when Papi and Manny came around again, and all of a sudden they looked different to me -- not as patient, more hurried, anxious to get the game done and go home. Same as they looked in the 10th. And I had to wonder, just what you wrote above Beth, has Mr. Hyde come to visit? I sure hope not.

Finally, I'll add that I can't really blame Tito on his pitching decisions. I would have kept Timlin in, and let him got on a batter-by-batter, or maybe pitch-by-pitch evaluation. He and Papelbon rocked, too bad the offense couldn't find something, late in the game (and where the hell are the 7-8-9 hitters, please?).


You can add my name to the list of people who "cite Tavarez as the guy they want".

Gagne has done mathematically NOTHING in his time as a Bo-Sock. Tavarez has shown that he is incredibly versatile. He starts, he comes out of the pen, he does long relief, set up stuff, whatever. Yeah, he's kinda a crapshoot, but I'll take a 50-50 guy over a flat-out dud any day of the week.

I'm a Canadian, but any leaway he gets from me due to a shared nationality is long since passed.

If and when we make the Big Dance, I hope that Tavarez is on that roster.


Well, exactly. I have tried and tried to give Eric Gagne a fair shake but the shake is done. And then Lopez just embarrassed himself.

I guess we have just got to hope we can keep ourselves out of these situations in the future by scoring lots and lots of runs. Guys? Good luck with that.

Also, I have to confess, ever since that one unspeakable Yankees game I have realized that the one thing I physically cannot stand to look at is a sad Papelbon who's blown a game, so my dismay at Gagne's entrance was mixed with relief that at least it wouldn't be Paps' blown game, is that sad or what?


I thought Schilling would be nails again (he was ok, but nothing like he was in Anaheim)...

Here I must respectfully disagree with you. Five runs in 4 2/3 innings is not "OK," especially in a playoff game. I didn't expect him to throw a shutout against a good hitting team like Cleveland, but the very fact that he couldn't even finish the fifth inning is one of the reasons Gagne had to come into the game in the first place. He can't be let off the hook so easily in my mind.

As for Gagne himself...I've tried to be patient with him as well but I can't take it anymore. The very fact that people are clamoring for Julian Tavarez to replace him on the roster about says it all, and I can't really disagree. Although it's worth noting that Tavarez was utterly craptacular in September. (I don't think Corey is an option, because he was called up after August 31 and because Ellsbury and Lester are already on the roster.) Kyle Snyder maybe?

I try to look at it this was now: can the Sox win three of the next five games? I think they can, but it'd sure help if the "good" Matsuzaka would show up on Monday. Situations like this make me wish it were possible for Beckett to start every game. Heh.

Texas Gal

I'm basically out of good will for Gagne. Saturday morning, I had still had a small reserve of hope and nice feelings for him -- that reserve done dried up after Saturday night. I saw him in person blow away one of Josh's wins back at Fenway in August against the Angels- and it's funny, but until now, I've let that go. He should not pitch a single more throw for the Sox again. Unfortunately, I think we'll see him sooner rather than later.

I can forgive the implosion by Lopez, because that's not a constant regular occurrence for him. I can definitely forgive the Lester part of the 11th, because they essentially just threw him to the wolves. But I cannot forgive Gagne for YET AGAIN blowing the game.

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