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October 16, 2007



You are precisely right, damn Mr. Hyde for finding a flight to Cleveland. I was hoping he'd mislaid his tickets.

Aside from a pitcher who can give us 7, we need some production out of the 1-6-7-8-9 spots in the order. I was happy for Tek's HR last night, but it felt like too little, too late.

We'll see what tonight brings. I'm actually OK that Tito is with sticking with Wake. Certainly, there is no one else I'd rather see succeed in a big way, and he deserves that chance. I just hope he is rested and well and feeling up to 8 shut-out innings1

Chip Benson

Please check out this Video Comic Strip. A parody of the Red Sox.



maxwell horse

10:32 PM. Back to Back to back homeruns from Youk and Ortiz and Manny. The game SHOULD be tied right now. But it's not. And the Sox are probably going to lose.

Ugh. Is it okay to feel fury at Manny Delcarmen at this point? I know Gagne has been feeling the heat lately, but seriously. One could make the argument that Delcarmen was an integral reason the Sox lost game 2. And here he came in to get 1 final friggin' out of the 5th inning, and he gives up 4 runs. Sure, 2 of those were credited to wake, but c'mon! You can't give up a 3-run jack. I'm sure if they left Wake in to finish the 5th, he wouldn't have crapped the bed to THAT extent.



Yeah, be upset at MDC if you want, but I'm still reserving most of my fury for Eric Gagne, for a coupla reasons.

1. We aren't at this point without MDC. Without him stepping up as the power righty we needed (especially when Oki was struggling), who knows how the records would've fallen out and who we would've faced and what would've happened in Round 1. Did he $#!t the bed pretty spectacularly tonight, and allow the tying run in Game 2? Absolutely.

2. We are absolutely at this point and possibly better as a team without Eric Gagne.

This is a key difference.


That picture, that one right there at the top of the post. That's the picture that ripped my heart out this year.

We've all seen the guys down before. But have we ever seen them without the fire in their eyes?

We need Millar back. Somebody to drop trow, blow a rasperry at Sabathia, shave Gagne's eyebrows and rekindle the fire in the loins that leads to improbable, impressive wins.

And we ain't got it. And it's been a long couple of nights in Cleveland.


All that picture reminds me of is that I'd almost be more confident in putting the guys on the outer edges of the picture into the lineup before the 'innies' so to speak.


Last night, I thought those 7th inning three runs in a row were the beginning of the impossible and the uncanny happenstances you allude to in this post. But no. No...it was just a case of staring dully at the screen and wondering if I hallucinated all the glory of August and September. At this point, I feel like Lofton and his "I want a ring, dammit" mantra are analogous to Millar and his Cowboy Up slogan. Seems like the Sox have lost the fire in their bellies as well as their eyes ...

Texas Gal

Sometimes I wonder how Kenny Lofton makes it around the bases without blowing out all the brittle bones in a knee (or two) -- and then I remember that if Grandpa Jamie Moyer can run faster than Pat Burrell, almost 15 years his junior, then Kenny's abilities don't seem that freaky.

It was brutal in the Jake for those two games. I'm hoping now that I've left the city of Cleveland, maybe their fortunes will take a turn for the better.

Thank goodness for Josh.

Margaret  Sander

Greetings from Ohio. I think the midges were a sign that Indians are blessed by the nature gods this year! We Tribe fans are hoping for another wonderful night of baseball. Right now the weather forecast says the rain will miss the ball park. Another sign?


Here's a really annoying connection to our "friends in the Bronx" that is quietly hurting us. I know for a fact that Kenny Lofton is spurred on and acting 25 years old as a "stick-it-to-ya" for Joe Torre and the Yankees. He felt dissed by them and said Torre lied to him about playing time when he was there, etc. I know he's the poster boy for DHL courior service and has played for more teams than J-Lo has husbands, but I think he's relishing his post season run. I also watched a Cleveland game vs. NY when he was kicking THEIR butts and he had such a smirk on his face when he was getting the Bronx treatment. Just a thought.

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