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October 29, 2007



the hell with this running up the score crap. we might currently be watching one of the greatest football teams ever assembled, and all the shortsighted asshats in the national media want to talk about is their personality conflicts with bill belichick.

how else do you explain that when peyton manning was on pace to break the single-season touchdown record and HIS team went undefeated for a large part of the season, the colts were the undisputed greatest thing since sliced bread, but now that OUR quarterback is on pace to smash through that record and OUR team on pace for a similarly stellar record, we're running up the score.

i've seriously had it with people trying to spit on our victories, whether it's for the red sox or the patriots. enough.

and i hope they beat the colts by 72 points.

John Cyr

Great point! While I enjoyed the righteous Patriots of 2000-2004, Im enjoying the evil Patriots just as much if not more!


By all of the "running up the score" talk, you'd swear that other teams have never reached such scores. What's causing all the undue attention? Perhaps Belichick is a wee bit pissed-off for having been singled out as spying when most other teams are doing the same thing. Maybe he's just trying to say "we don't need no stinking spying".

As a fan of the game, regardless of what teams are playing, I'd rather see both teams giving it their all to the finish rather than a team laying down. What fun is that?

The Patriots are only now getting close to some of the stats of the Green Bay Packers achieved under Lombardi. Funny, I never hear Lombardi's name associated with "running up the score". Heck, the damn trophy is named after him.

Back in '85 when the Bears squashed the Patriots in the Super Bowl by a score of 46-10, I don't remember any Patriots fan bemoaning the Bears for "running up the score". I believe the comment was "dominant". Let's not turn the NFL into Pop Warner.

There's some debate as to what actually defines "running up the score" in both total points and the margin of victory. For a true definition, stick around until 12/16 when the Jets and Eric "the fink" Mangini come to Foxboro.

Dan Garvito

Hey!...I have no problem with having the Pats quit playing after they get a decent lead, as long as the other team agrees not to try to put points on the board either, but if they expect the Pats to quit playing when they get a lead, while they in turn continue to try to catch up and go ahead, Yea!..I don't think so!, however now if they don't agree to that, then lets just change the rules to boxing rules, when one is obviously beaten up and on the floor, well we'll just stop the contest, and declare whoevers ahead the winner.


What I can't understand is, Why is it OK for peytom to practice with Marvin Harrison for 10 years every day before the game.

Tom Brady has had a measly 6 months to get a rythem with his pass catchers. in fact he has actually had to practice it during the game because toutches in the NFL are so infrequent.

HEY. give the guy a break, he has to play one of the most prolific offenses of all time next week and itf he plans on winning he has to score at will.

Can Tom brady please have some practice doing just that. Am I the only on who saw this in Miami. hey Tom go back in and practice the 2 minute so when we go to Indy we have a chance.

Do all the naysayers remember when the colts came back in the AFC game??? Wake up guys, we have as much right to practice as any one else.

GO PATS. I can't wait until we destroy the colts on NOV 4th.




I know all the Massholes are incapable of being objective (or intelligent), so they probably won't understand the following. As far as I'm concerned, none of their wins under Belichick are legitimate - they have the worst kind of problems - integrity problems.

1. They cheated their way past the colts by slopping up their field and using illegal hits - its documented, and the league has recognized it through "new focus on the rules".

2. They slipped into the Superbowl with "The Tuck" - it was a fumble.

3. They were caught multiples times for using video equipment to tape the opposition's signals - otherwise known as cheating.

The sad part is they are a really good team and PROBABLY don't need to break the rules, but we'll never know. Just like steroids in baseball their integrity is tainted...and without that you're nothing. These are just the violations made public. Who knows where else they have "bent" the rules with Belichick's philosophy. I'm just glad the Colts have done it on an even playing field (probably at a disadvantage).



1: Have you ever tried growing grass in Massachusetts in December or January? Did both teams play on the same surface? Does Indy take out the artificial surface in their dome when grass-field teams come to play? Does Indy tell their fans to be quiet when the dome gets loud, and far louder than any open-air stadium (such as Gillette) can get?

2. There is no "tuck rule". As described ad infinitum, the rule has to do with whether the arm is moving forward, and the rule included a description of precisely what happened. The officials applied the rule correctly. How can you call that cheating? If you have have a beef, take it to the refs: they made the call, not the Pats. Meanwhile, on the same play, Brady was the victim of a shot to the head. Oops... you only care about illegal hits when it suits your argument.

3. The Pats cheated. They were caught. The league office investigated and assessed a stiff penalty--the most expensive ever. (Happy now?)

Meanwhile, the 49ers, Broncos, Colts, Cowboys and other teams have all been caught in violation of the rules--cheating--and been penalized. Many such violations have to do with salary cap violations. The 49ers had their president (or maybe it was their GM) suspended. Do you want the Pats thrown out of the league? If so, be prepared to watch Pop Warner teams play because most teams have been caught cheating in one way or another and we'd have to throw all of them out, too.

What's with the Massholes thing, anyway? Are you holding a grudge because every college in Massachusetts rejected you due to a room-temperature IQ?

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