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October 06, 2007



I'm right with you there about not watching the beginning of the Sox game. I was riveted by whether the Tribe was going to pull it off and was ever so glad that I was watching when they did.
You gotta love the TBS commentators - in reference to the bug attack: "I guess Cleveland will pull out anything for home field advantage".


Everyone's going to (and with some reason) feel bad for Joba because he's inexperienced and gave up that run at least somewhat because of the bugs.

But how about Fausto Carmona? I saw them hovering around him and he just composed himself and pitched through it. Must be that veteran savvy he has as compared to Joba. ;-)

Bottom line is, they weren't just a problem for him, and everyone else (members of his team and the Indians players) kept their composure. He didn't. So I'm not sure it works as an excuse. Everyone had similar conditions to deal with and he let it affect his abilities. More of a rookie jitters situation than anything else. (Much like Dustin PedRoYa's "approach" at the plate for most of Game 1 and 2, though SSS applies here).


Oh, god, the bugs were freakin' nasty and I felt bad for everyone--I was laughing, but only because I knew I'd be just like Jeter was, running around flailing and yelling and asking the Indians what the hell was up with their nasty-ass stadium.

It's funny; I feel like both the NL series are more or less decided now that they've gone 2-0, but I don't feel that way about the AL series. Is it just because I know the teams better, or because I've seen these particular teams pull so much crazy shit in the past?

Can't wait to see what you've got to say about Manny.


So the Red Sox get a God-like homer from Manny, and the Yankees get a plague of midges. Hmmm...

"See, I like a Yankees loss as much as the next person," I told my friend Ryan. "But when they have an excuse, it's not as fun."

"Faaack 'em." was his rejoinder.

Right there with you, Ryan. Completely.

Also, the shot of the bugs swarming on Joba's neck made me feel ill. Eeew.

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