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November 13, 2007



Given the results of the last 4 years, I have come to accept that Theo & Friends might just know a little more than I do about building championship baseball teams. Therefore I will no longer participate in heated debates about what they should or should not do with Lowell, or any other player.


While we cannot dispute that Theo & Co. have certainly brought the results...things like that have never stopped me from running my mouth before, and I see no reason to start now.


If a Lowell/A-Rod "swap" occurs, the very fabric of the universe will be ripped apart and dogs and cats will start living together.

I'm feeling a little sick in my stomach.


I'm with COD on this one; it's their job and it's worked out for them thus far. I always thought a 4th year could be a sticking point. We'll see.

There's also Cabrera. Sure, he's a bit overweight at the moment, but the dude is YOUNG and hits better than A-Rod did at that age and I think he'd do well under Papi's/Manny's tutelage. If we got him, I wonder if Youk would move across the diamond and we'd slot Cabrera at 1st or what.

It sounds like they'd have to part with someone like Buchholz or Lester to get him, though, and I'm not sure about that...

I'm just glad I don't have Theo's job.


//Therefore I will no longer participate in heated debates about what they should or should not do with Lowell, or any other player.//

...except to participate in this comment thread by telling us you're not participating? :)

see, this is why i hate the hot stove. and i don't normally participate either. but i feel so strongly about both mike lowell and a-rod that this time, i can't resist.

but yeah, i hate it. obviously theo knows things i don't know. and obviously there's probably a good reason for it, cabrera, etc., blah blah blah.

you know what? i fell in love with mike lowell over the last couple of years and i don't want him to leave. i especially don't want him to leave for someone i don't like.

so there you have it. the highly scientific foundation for my analysis of the current mike lowell situation.

like i said, this is why i usually don't throw my $0.02 into the hot stove discussion, either.


The offseason is when I'm particularly glad I'm not Theo. I don't envy the decisions he has to make.

I want Mike Lowell back, but I think it's wise to not go over a three year deal. If he can get four years elsewhere and wants it, he should take it and I'll wish him well, even if he goes to the Yankees. (Though that thought makes me cringe.)

If we can't have Lowell, there are still plenty of non-A-Rod options for 3B. Andy LaRoche perhaps? I could get on board with that.


I will post here again to reiterate that I'm not participating ;) All bets are off if they sign ARod though. I'm convinced he is poison to whatever team he is on and is destined to retire ringless.

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