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November 08, 2007


Texas Gal

Methinks Mr. Beckett didn't have many chances to practice dancing with the ladyfolk as a kid- because if he's trying to two-step there, he's got big problems.

It's a far cry from the booty shaking Beckett that I got a glimpse of in this video (second one). Why didn't that Beckett make an appearance? That Beckett knows how to get his swerve on.


I have a feeling that Beckett's dancing is reserved more for the horizontal than the vertical. Plus in TG's video, he's all of 23. A baby. With age comes ... um ... "maturity". Or maybe just loss of hip swerve and butt-shaking ability ;-)


well, you have to factor in the late hour, jet lag, excitement, exhiliration, relief, adrenaline and possibly alcohol into the equation in this example, so i'm not ready to come down too hard on the dance technique. i know the video you mention well, TG, :) and i still believe that if he really wanted to he could do a lovely jig indeed. maybe someday.

Texas Gal

Maybe he requires that WS MVP trophy in his hand before he'll let loose.

What, Josh? The ALCS MVP trophy wasn't good enough to get it out of you?

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