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November 13, 2007



I'm sure if you were someone other than me and inclined to break out a calculator and do some, you know, actual in-depth research about this, you could come up with an argument showing Josh was statistically luckier than Sabathia, adjust for defense, etc.

Actually, it's the reverse. Beckett had the better DIPS ERA, faced a higher quality of batters, and had the better K/9. Even without the sexy 20 wins, Beckett did plenty to earn Cy Young honors.

Sabathia is the right choice, though. He had the better VORP, mostly due to pitching 40 more innings. That's not insignificant. It's a little ironic that Beckett's DL stint in May probably cost him the Cy, but at the same time helped him be in top form in October. Ah well. The WS ring and ALCS MVP plaque will have to do as consolation prizes. Bummer.


//I really wanted Josh to win, just because essentially the more acknowledgment there is about the superiority of the Boston Red Sox in the wider world, the better.//

Such lies! You wanted Josh to win because you believe Josh Beckett should win everything, up to and including the Silver Slugger if you could work out how to give it to him. :)

Texas Gal

Quite obviously I was very biased towards Mr. Beckett, and wanted him to win-- but I can't get too angry, because CC's regular season stats were just better. Mouse mentioned VORP, but I also place a lot of value on win shares- and Joshie was #7 to Sabathia's #1. Sabathia edges Joshie in K's and ERA, and matches Joshie in WHIP, and all over more IP.

So, CC's numbers were better- but just like the Heisman Trophy is often exposed as having gone to the second-best player in college football (e.g. Bush over Young, Troy Smith), the same is true of the Cy as well. 'Cause head-to-head in the postseason, Josh ripped him a new one.


I'm glad that Sabathia won. This is a regular season award. There should be regular season awards, to acknowledge those accomplishments. There is a separate reward for kicking ass all over the postseason, after all... ;)


Not wanting to see Lowell leave at all, but it's pretty obvious if he does, it's Hello Miguel!! We'll have many years of saying, "Ah, that's just Miggy being Miggy!"
Just my little hot stove prediction.


Sounds like we're back on the Lowell train! (says Mr. Rob Bradford)

I'm pretty happy about this. I like the guy personally (as much as one can with someone one has never met), think he'll be solid for us for the next few years, and it sounds like the contract wasn't nuts in years or dollars.

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