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January 07, 2008


Andrew Farrar

Bill Belichick's my favourite American - he's a top fellow.

I notice one of your colleagues, Brent, I think, always ends with "in Bill we trust". Now, I know what he means and the context of the use of trust. But that word interests me, since it conjures up images of how I think a lot of people view the New England franchise.

In these days of free agency and salary capping, when "parity" is the buzz word of choice, New England possibly appears as a footballing trust, to be viewed with the same suspicion and hostility as the infamous trusts of the so-called "gilded age", such as Standard Oil, were viewed.

Bill Belichick becomes a John D Rockefeller figure, crushing rivals without mercy or pity.

Anyway just my thoughts and, as I said earlier, Bill Belichick's a top bloke as far as I'm concerned and he'd be welcome to marry my sister, if I had one.


i'm sure he appreciates the offer of your sister's hypothetical hand, andrew. :) interesting rockefeller comparison, pity the article author didn't think of that angle.


People are also jealous of the success of the Patriots and Bill Belichick, in my opinion. People want something new every year, no matter what it is, and the same football team winning all the time doesn't fit that. Folks don't appreciate consistency and reliability anymore. That's my social tidbit of the day!


Since I have begun writing here a few odd years ago the old school thought and theory was on the later day Patriots of old.

Bill Parcells and Robert Kraft re-invigorated this franchise behind Drew Bledsloe.

Bill Belichick recognized the need to bring this team to a higher level - not only after Parcells, but most importantly after Pete Carroll.

Tough love versus nice guy. Tough love wins.

Wade Phillips will be crap after this season because (like Carroll) he is a nice guy that has the ingredients simmering in the pot and only has to turn off the stove at the right time to get a championship team.

Belichick knew the ingredients and boiled the pot to get rid of the crap at the surface.

WE TRUST BILL ecause he not only knew how to make clam chowdah, being from New York, but it was New England Chowdah - white not red! Fuck Manhattan

So take this with a grain of 'Sea Salt' on your crisps..

'In Bill Belichick we trust' is because he has delivered New England Clam chowdah since he has been here - and nothing else but the best will do.

you like chowdah? 16-0! how do you like that chowdah?

Do not minimize Belichick based on a phrase I have used for years. You may look to contradict me - but not Patriot Nation on this.

Andrew Farrar

Didn't think I was.

And as I said, I understand the context and meaning of your "catchphrase". Mind you, I've no idea what clam chowder is, but it sounds pretty off-putting to me.

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