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January 16, 2008


Randy Mosss he said, she said | Play Game

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Nice job Beth!

I'm reserving judgement on Randy Moss until the facts come out. If he indeed is guilty of battery on a woman, I can't see how the Patriots re-sign him after the season is over. That would go against what this team is about.

Andrew Farrar

I'd agree with that.

I'd also say that I'd be thinking about making Moss meet certain conditions before signing him for next season. And top of those would be losing the "Florida resident" tag - he'd be required to relocate to the Boston area.



You can't make a player move to a team's location permanently. The Players' Union would not stand for that kind of language in a contract, plus it's a pretty un-American thing to do.

Rich Campbell


There is also the tax issue. Florida does not have state income tax, one of the reasons so many high-profile athletes live there.


Nice writing, presenting views from multiple sides. In this case, it all seems a little too opportunistic. I can not believe that I'm saying this when Moss is the other side, but it does seem to be the simplest explanation.

But I balance that with the same thing you do, fear of not believing a woman who came forward on something that is terribly underreported.

I'd like to know how things came to light. Did a reporter notice the restraining order through some kind of google-alert style search? Did Rachelle go to the press?

Regardless, if I were the Patriots I would ignore it until after Sunday. There is no way you're going to get unbiased information in this short time frame.

Andrew Farrar

Ah yes, Taxachusetts, as I believe it was once famously dubbed.

Still, I always thought the Boston area would be one of the more civilised areas of the former colonies in which to live.


Still is Taxachusetts Andrew! As far as Boston being civilized, I'm not so sure about that. I know driving through there is a nightmare, and drivers are pretty rude, obnoxious, and careless. But it does have its good points. I guess it's like any major city?

Andrew Farrar

I take it the good people of Massachusetts have changed their stance on taxation? When we tried to impose some perfectly reasonable taxes on you, our tea was thrown in Boston Harbour.


If I recall my history correctly, it was not the fact that the colonists were being taxed, but that they were being taxed without representation in Parliament. Citizens of Massachusetts have representation in state government, but they haven't figured out that the same people they vote in year after year are the ones taxing them so much...


And voting themselves pay raises!

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