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February 20, 2008



Well said Beth. Belichick finally broke his silence to the Globe and, in my opinion, had everything make sense. Fans, including myself, couldn't understand how he misinterpreted the rule. However, when he said he thought it was legal because they didn't use it during the game, and the last line of the rule states that tape can't be used during a game, I could definitely see how he thought taping was OK. As far as Walsh goes, it's basically a he said/he said story now. If he produces tape, BB already stated he's never seen tape of an opposing team's practice. The outcome of this will simply become, I'm certain, Pats fans believing their coach versus every other fan of the league looking for a reason to hate the Pats. Just the way it is now.

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The whole thing with Walsh is going to be a mess no matter what he may have or say. The Patriots are guilty in the court of public opinion. Let's say he has a tape of the Rams walkthrough. What proof is there that the coaches ordered this created? What proof is there that Belichick ever had custody of it? Why does Walsh even have this little collection of his? There are too many questions surrounding the who, what, where and why with this. As a Pats fan I think the whole signal taping is nonsense. Even if there were able to match it up for use in a future game the information overload to the offensive players is huge. As I've said from day one players still need to play the game. If I know there is a safety blitz, I still have to pick it up. It is a physical game and the one with the right angle, greater strength or stronger desire is the one that will win the match up. Anyone who argues that videotapes win games don't know what they are talking about! Nice post. Hopefully this will all flesh out - good, bad or indifferent soon. I can't even enjoy the draft right now.


So, for Boston-

Clemens: guilty until proven innocent beyond a reasonable doubt

Patriots: innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt



Andrew: The only possible thing I can think of is that Levy apparently thinks that the Patriots might go after him if Walsh says something that he *thinks* is true, but really isn't. To paraphrase the NFL's spokesman, though, if indemnity for being truthful isn't enough, then you don't deserve indemnity, period.


One other thing, BTW--anyone else interested how an "Assistant golf pro" can afford a high-class DC attorney?


We are all ASSUMING that what he has are tapes of other team's signals/practices/etc. There is absolutely NO confirmed connection between Walsh and Tomse's article about the Rams walk through.

Now that the Patriots have come out and said that Walsh was fired for secretly taping private conversations with Pioli, it brings out another distinct possibility. Walsh's tapes might not be other teams' activities - but clandestine recordings of the inner workings of the Patriots' operation. A tape of the Rams' walkthrough would be damaging, a tape of Pioli telling Walsh: "Mr. Bellichick wants you to try and stick around and see if you can get anything." would be devistating - for the entire league.

I agree with everyone else - I wish the whole truth would come out, and then be done with it. I sure as hell hope we don't end up two years down the road with three congressional hearings, a Mitchell report, and still no resolution (like in MLB). IMO, how effectively this is relsolved depends on the NFL and Goodell. Until it is resolved, all (football loving) Americans should support congress's actions (and most of us do).

The biggest problem is credibility. The NFL as a orginization doesn't have any. Not Billichick, not Goodell, not the coaches, and certainly not the team owners. For every NFL coach who says "Awww, it's nothing - taping couldn't ever even help", there are 5 ex-coaches and college level coaches who say that they could have translated that information into a 2-3 touchdown increase in performance.

Aside from Patriots fans and those with money at stake (like Rooney) it is difficult for the average person to buy the argument that these tapes wouldn't provide an advantage. It defies simple logic to think that Billichick would invest resources on something that he didn't think was improving his team's chances of winning. He's not the sort of guy who wasts his time on something that doesn't help his team.

And that's the point. Now the problem has gone beyond the relatively easy to contain "Patriots Problem" and moved into what appears to be systemic paralysis in effectively or honestly dealing with it.

It is expected that Patriots fans would defend the team no matter what - that's what being a fan means. It is much more of a concern when the professionals who run the business appear disingenuous. So far, the league looks like it's full of crap.

Andrew Farrar

Bill Belichick is innocent.

And, just out of interest, could anyone enlighten me as to what "good faith truthful" means and how it differs from plain "truthful"?

Andrew Farrar

Sorry, but in my experience, "good faith" is a redoubt for charlatans to take cover behind, for example, our shamefully cowardly ex-leader Brother Blair.


inline, maybe you missed the paragraph where i explicitly stated that i do not speak for other patriots fans, let alone boston. at no point in this post did i express any opinion about roger clemens, which has nothing to do with this anyway. interpreting my opinion on the current news against whatever your assume my opinion is about another case is a totally meaningless non sequitur.

kent, thank you for a highly intelligent comment. here's a question: when it comes to the credibility of the league at large, does the focus only on the patriots also hurt them? if there are league-wide problems that need solutions, why is it all focused around bill belichick?

Andrew Farrar

Er, forgive my ignorance, but who is Roger Clemens?


andrew, just count yourself lucky not to know. :)

Andrew Farrar

It's okay, I looked it up all by myself, since no one would tell me - he's a baseball player.

Now, I know even less about baseball than I do about your football (and you thought that could probably be impossible, I know), except that no player will ever be remotely as good as Ty Cobb.

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