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April 24, 2008



Manny's developed at least somewhat of an ability to ignore fans shouting at him--or at least to avoid stirring them up into a frenzy by waving or giving the double-guns back.

Reminds me of that game we saw last year where Wily Mo showed us that he didn't quite have that skill yet, and the bleachers just wouldn't leave him alone. :-)

maxwell horse

Speaking of the flu, I swear to God Okajima has had it (even though no anouncement was made). And it's not just because he gave up those two hits with the bases loaded yesterday that I say this. Remember Okajima's last appearance before yesterday? When he came in after Tavarez with two guys on? (He later gave up a solo shot in the next inning.) I swear to God he really didn't look well appearance-wise. I'm not talking about his pitching. He looked flushed and seemed to be grimacing on the mound. And when he was sitting on the bench between innings, he looked exhausted like he just wanted to lie down.

Yesterday was a game the Sox "should've" won. I guess that's how the universe evens itself out after the Sox won a bunch of games in the late innings. It still pisses me off though.

Also, is Dennis Eckersley dead or something? Don't get me wrong. I find Ken Macha as exciting as the next guy (assuming the next guy is a Quaker) but it feels like he's been analyzing like half the games this season so far.


//this game was kind of a weird, fuzzy social event, a big crowded picnic outside on an idyllic summer evening, even though it's still only mid-April.//

This perfectly-- PERFECTLY-- describes the Tigers game I just went to. I was trying to think of a way to describe it, 'cause you know how I usually am at games, between the camera and the scorecard I'm DEAD FOCUSED, but for this one we were too high up to make taking photos that worthwhile, and we moved around too much to make keeping the scorecard sane, so we just kinda went with it and enjoyed the weather and the fact that it was baseball. You phrased it perfectly.


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